Azlin is up for adoption!



This sweet slice of chocolate cake is a lovely young labbie who loves anyone and everything!

Azlin is spunky, loving, very smart and is ready to please.

She loves playing with her toys, romping with her foster dogs and cuddling with her foster mommy.

Azlin is the center of attention and is miss social butterfly!

She loves meeting new people, new doggie friends and most of all, loves kids.

Azlin isn’t shy of handing out those wonderful pupper kisses!

Azlin has had a rough start but is back in the game and ready for a new beginning.

She had a pretty bad boo boo causing her to lose her rear leg, but that does not slow her down.

She is adapting terrific!

Who says a tripod is no fun, she begs to differ!

Check out Azlin’s video from this week:

If you are interested in adopting Azlin, please email us at and request a copy of our adoption application!

If you’d like to read more about Azlin’s surgery or donate a few dollars to help us pay it off (for which we would be forever grateful!), you can go here:


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