Rest in peace, sweet Sandy


We spent much of last week crossposting like crazy for two very sweet lab pups in a Newport, TN shelter -Sandy & Dusty. First we were crossposting for a foster home for each pup and then later, to fill their last-minute transport to bring them safely to rescue.

We only had a few days to arrange both, as these babies were next in line to be put to sleep.


We had two awesome volunteers sign up to foster (thank you Angie & Diane!) and we  were able to pull our last minute transport together.

Against all odds – we pulled it off!

Sadly, the transport did not happen this weekend as planned. When the first driver arrived to pick up the pups for transport, she learned that Sandy had died overnight.

Sandy & Dusty both had been in quarantine prior to transport and had even been evaluated by a veterinarian for a health certificate the day before transport. Both pups were healthy and happy and raised no red flags during either of their examinations last week.

Due to the bizarre circumstances surrounding Sandy’s death, her body was taken to the University of Tennessee Vet School for a necropsy. Our transport was canceled and Dusty remained in TN under close observation for any signs of illness. Thankfully, he is still happy and healthy. He will be traveling to rescue in a few weeks once Sandy’s cause of death has been determined and he is cleared (again) for transport.

Will you take a moment today and join Bonnie Blue Rescue in thinking about sweet Sandy? Send happy thoughts of chasing butterflies her way?

To be honest, it breaks our hearts that she was never able to join us in foster care, to know what being a part of a “real family” felt like, or to get to experience all of the joys that other puppies get to.

Though we were never able to snuggle her or kiss her, we’ve loved her since the first moment we saw her little blurry photo.

I think only other animal lovers can understand that kind of love.

Rest in peace sweet Sandy girl.

We’ll be looking for you at the Bridge.


3 Responses to “Rest in peace, sweet Sandy”

  1. Laura Nueske Weil Says:

    Snuggles and hugs baby girl. Rest in peace, romp and play in the fields.

  2. Jamie Sumner Mazloum Says:

    So very sad to hear of your loss, what a angel R.I.P. Sandy and God Bless You~

  3. Heather Rial Says:

    Oh man…sooo sorry, really feel devastated over this news 😦 I will be very interested in hearing the report eval. I am glad Dusty is ok, hope he stays that way!!!! Sending big Hugs (some tears too),

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