Lorelei & Dexter


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Lorelei and Dexter’s story is simply heartbreaking.

These sweet pups are part of a seizure and pending cruelty case investigation down in south Alabama …. the same area where Bo & Luke were rescued from just last year.

Charges have been filed against the owner for the neglect and condition of his nine redbone coonhounds. Sadly, they were all left to starve to death enclosed in pens surrounded and covered by metal scraps, fencing, cords, plastic and trash.

One pup was immediately euthanized after seizure due his severe dehydration and rapid deterioration of his condition. The other pups were sent to the Mobile County Animal Shelter to wait it out until it was their turn to be euthanized.

When we first heard about these sweeties, we felt like we HAD to stretch a bit to make room for at least one of them. Thanks to our amazing foster home network, we feel blessed to have had the foster home support to take in two of these very special needs pups.

We are 110% dedicated in helping them recover to the fullest and enjoy a life full of food, love, toys and happiness for the rest of their lives. WE NEED YOUR HELP, LOVE & SUPPORT getting these sweeties back on their feet. Its going to take a lot of TLC and medical care to get Lorelei & Dexter healthy. They will be vaccinated when healthy enough, spay/neutered when healthy enough, chipped and treated for heartworms when at a safe and healthy weight to withstand recovering from that obstacle, too. These pups will no longer want for anything.

Lorelei is currently in foster care learning what life is all about being near people and having a comfortable bed to lay down on and learning that food will always be plentiful now. Her sad body mass is a 2 out of 10 & a weight of 47lbs supposed to beat a weight of 65-70lbs normally. She has been evaluated by a vet in Birmingham, Al. and is currently receiving medical attention. Lorelei will be receiving weekly vet visits for the next several weeks.

Dexter is awaiting transport to another vet in Birmingham, AL. by the end of this week (9/3) where he will stay for up to 6 weeks to receive medical care. Dexter appears to be in worse condition than his sweet sister Lorelei … and that’s saying something. 😦

Please, please hold these two sweet pups in your thoughts and prayers.

Can you help us help them down the road to recovery and into a new loving home?

Any amount will help!

As you know in rescue $1, $5, $10 means so much to us. We greatly appreciate your support and if you would like to email us direct to ask any questions about them please do at:bonniebluerescue@gmail.com

This is still early on in the pending charges and we will update on Lorelei and Dexter’s condition along with any other information as it becomes public in regards to this case.

If you would like to paypal us direct with a donation please do atbonniebluerescue@gmail.com or if you would like to use regular mail just email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com to request our mailing address.

Donations can also be called in directly to our vet. Lorelei is being seen by Dr. Murphy at Vestivia Animal Clinic. Please note that the donation is for Lorelei’s care under Natalie Reeves’ account (Natalie is Lorelei’s Birmingham, AL foster mom). Vestivia Animal Clinic’s # is 205.823.7485.

Wanna Chip In? http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/lorelei-and-dexter


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  1. Fri AM Drivers DESPERATELY NEEDED Mobile, AL – Fultondale, AL « Bonnie Blue Rescue Says:

    […] Raylan & Crowder are two very, very lucky boys. These sweet guys are 2 of the Alabama 8 – a group of 8 redbone coonhounds that were part of a cruelty case in Mobile, AL. Our rescue, Bonnie Blue Rescue, has taken 5 of these hounds into rescue. Of the other 3 pups -2 are going to Karie, an awesome independent rescuer and a veterinarian in IL, and the other pup went to a local (Mobile, AL) rescue – River Dog Rescue. Raylan & Crowder have been trying to get home to their new momma Karie for the last two weeks. Last weekend, their transport  didn’t make. This weekend they were squared away with a flight – and now the pilot is unable to make the trip due to a family emergency. Can you help us pull out the stops to get these sweet sweet boys safely to rescue this weekend? After 2 weeks in the shelter and 2 weeks in boarding, they deserve to start their new life of love as quickly as possible. Crossposting is greatly appreciated! If interested, you can read more about the Alabama 8 to get an idea of the conditions these pups were kept in/came into rescue in on our blog at:https://bonniebluerescue.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/lorelei-dexter/ […]

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