BBR parvo puppies! Help!



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Monday AM Update:
We lost one of our pups – the little stubby tailed black female who was one of the sickest ones. She passed last night. Thankfully, the leopard female who was also in the sickest group seemed a bit perkier today — though she is still critical. The 2 medium sick pups now have diarrhea and the pup who seemed healthy yesterday refused breakfast this morning – she is breaking with parvo now, too.

Please keep these babies in your thoughts and prayers. The remaining 4 pups need all of the positive thoughts we can send their way. And please, consider crossposting our chipin link, even if you are not in a position to donate. Vet bills for 5 puppies with parvo are going to be incredibly high. We need all the help we can get!

Original post from Sunday 10/09:
OH NO!!! Parvo has gotten ahold of our 5 lilttle darlings, HELP!!!

Help!! Our dear friend, Jen, with PAWS of NELA fell in love with this gorgeous lab momma & her litter of Houla/Lab mix pups. She rescued them from the shelter just in the nick of time & posted their adorable photo online. We offered to take them into our rescue program. Meet momma Lucille & her 5 darlings.

These babies are very, very sick! Two of the pups started feeling crummy yesterday morning and by yesterday afternoon 4 of the pups were very, very sick. The entire litter (save one pup) has broken with parvo!!

It is going to take an exceptional amount of tlc, vet care & money to save this little family.

All 5 pups went to the vet yesterday & thank to our awesome Louisiana vet Dr. L, we have been able to avoid the emergency vet so far. Yesterday we had 2 very sick pups (leopard female and one of stubby tail black females), 2 pups that were a bit lethargic and not eating well (leopard male and the other stubby tail black female) and 1 totally fine pup (long tail black female).

Put IV cateters in and gave fluids to the 2 worse pups. Medium sick pups got sub Q fluids. All sick pups got 4 injections – anti nausea, anti diarrheal & antibiotics & one other.

Yesterday the leopard female was the worse but she is feeling better than the other “sickest” pup today. More IV fluids for them. Medium sick pups holding steady. Offered them food/water today but not interested in eating. Sub Q fluids again for them. Normal pup is still fine…eating, drinking and acting like a normal lab pup. We are keeping a Very close eye on her too as we do expect her to break with parvo, too.

These pups are in no way out of the woods yet. Four of the pups are still very, very sick. Dr. L & her team is going to do everything they can to save them. We need your help in sharing the word about our sweet babies – it is going to take a lot of friends to help fundraise for their care!

Donations can be made via chipin at

Or by paypal:

If you would prefer to mail in a donation please email us at & we will send you our mailing address.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our rescued babies! 🙂


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