An ode to my foster pup, Bo.


Dear Bo,

When you first came to Virginia, I had no idea how we were going to make it through the next 6+ weeks together. Your overwhelming labby enthusiasm for life left me worried that my house might not be standing once you were gone. I was only partially wrong about that. The good news is that I needed a new dining room table anyway so I didn’t mind as much when you barreled through the house and sent my old one flying across the room*.

Rachel, your foster mom in Louisiana, told me that you were all lab – but I really didn’t know what that meant. Now I do. Being “all lab” is a little like being “all boy”. Lucky for you – you’re both. You definitely came to Virginia with little in the way of manners, though I know Rachel tried her best in the few weeks you were with her. Perhaps if you had spent a little less time chasing the water hose and the ladies you would have had more time for learning. C’est la vie. I like to think that I’ve turned you into a Virginia gentleman, but I think you might have a little more ground to cover yet. The good news is that you’ve finally mastered “sit”, “come here, damnit” and “if you do that again, I am going to throttle you!*” – I think your new family will really appreciate your mastery of the latter.

Heartworm treatment really took a lot out of you, and the first two weeks were especially rough. I worried about you every single time I heard you cough {which was often} and rushed home at lunchtime any day I could, just to check on you. Even when you felt crummy you always bounded out of your crate to smother me with kisses. I think your new family is really going to love your labby kisses. Being crated for heartworm treatment was especially not fun for a guy of your caliber – but you handled it with grace and a lot of bones to keep you occupied. It was a tough six weeks for both of us – but I am so thankful that you are back to being healthy and happy.

Everyone who met you said that you were like Marley from the movie. I’m not sure that was meant as a compliment, but as your foster mom I took it as one anyway. I mean, sure, Marley pretty much destroyed his parent’s house, tried jumping out of a moving car, and even ate some unfortunate objects …but he loved with his whole heart just like you do. So when people called you Marley I just smiled because I know that few pups in the world have the capacity to love like you do.

I’m going to really miss you, handsome boy. Knowing that you are going to a great home with a sister to zoom around with and a yard to romp and play in makes letting you go so much easier. It might be tough the first few days, but you are going to settle into your routine and new home just fine. This new family rocks. I don’t know if you can wrap your head around this, but they’ve loved you even though they’ve never met you. How cool is that?! And you know what’s even cooler? They’re not the only ones! There are so many people who have loved you from afar – who cheered the day you were sprung from the shelter and rallied around to fundraise for your heartworm treatment. Something about your spirit and playfulness seems to speak to everyone who meets you and hears about you. I tell people all the time that you should be the ambassador to all labs. You are just that amazing.

So take heart, big man, and go smother everyone you meet with your signature big labrador kisses and remind them that rescued pups are the best pups. And please don’t worry about us. We will miss you, for sure, but because you have gone on to your forever family we will be able to rescue another pup in need.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.




*Some details were changed/altered for fun. Thankfully, Bo never actually sent my furniture flying or got throttled. I considered that a win-win.

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One Response to “An ode to my foster pup, Bo.”

  1. Jan Says:

    OMG!!! THANK YOU for this update! This is just as awesome as the updates Rachel used to give us. So happy for Bo Diddly! I’ve followed his story from the start @OPAS, chipped in for his care, and prayed that he would make it through treatment, and find a forever home! My heart is SO happy for him! Thank you for taking good care of him! Bo, have a wonderful life!!

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