Foster Homes/Adoptive Homes NEEDED!


Have you heard? Bonnie Blue Rescue has been working with PAWS of Northeast Louisiana for the last few years. Together, we have been able to rescue many pups from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter (OPAS) in West Monroe, LA. With their help, we have taken our partnership to the next level and become a shelter/rescue partner with PAWS NELA. You can learn more about their shelter/rescue partnership here:

The way it works is that we either see pups on the OPAS site available for adoption/rescue that we would like to take into rescue OR the folks at PAWS NELA email us about dogs that they have already pulled from the shelter. The dogs are placed in short-term foster homes in Louisiana for a minimum of two weeks so that they can be vetted (brought up to date on vaccines, spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested, etc). This two week period gives our rescue the chance to make sure that the pups are 100% healthy before traveling to their forever homes AND gives us the opportunity to learn even more about their personalities, likes/dislikes, and what their ideal family situation will be like. After the two week hold period the pups will either continue being fostered in Louisiana, move to another BBR foster home, or go home to their forever families.

You may see some pups on our Petfinder site listed differently than others. These are the OPAS pups that we are trying to help. For instance, if you were to go on there tonight you would see these awesome pups.





The Basset Boys

& Ben

Each of these pups is still IN the shelter and at risk of being euthanized at any time.

We would love nothing more than to rescue every adoptable dog that we see – but the reality of rescue is that we cannot take in more pups than we have foster homes for. The even sadder reality – we have fewer foster homes around the holiday season than any other time of the year. Would you be willing to consider fostering or adopting one of these extra special pups on death row?

Fostering for Bonnie Blue Rescue is fun (we hope!) and can be very rewarding. As a foster family, we ask that you provide food, shelter and love. We will handle the rest! All medical bills, coordinating of transports, toys/treats/chewies/crates is on us. Most of our fosters are short-term commitments – 2-4 weeks. It may seem like a short period of time, but that 2-4 weeks is enough to truly change a dogs life.

Interested in fostering? Email us at – we’d love to tell you more about it and will gladly send a copy of our foster home application your way.

Know someone else who might like to foster? Send this post their way! Saving a life is just that easy.

Want to adopt one of the cuties listed above? Email us at for more info!







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