Abandoned by rescue


The #1 rescue faux pas, in our eyes, is to commit to a dog in a kill shelter and then not follow through with saving them.

The #2 rescue faux pas – to pull an entire litter of puppies from a kill shelter and


It is not ok. It is not ok. It is not ok.

In fact, it is NEVER okay to do that. 

This sweet Catahoula Leopard momma was left to die.

Her puppies were pulled by another “rescue”, but they “didn’t have room” for the mom.

Our awesome foster momma, Caroline, heard about this sweet girl on Facebook and offered to foster her!

Thanks to some amazing volunteers coming together to make it happen, this sad momma will be pulled from the shelter today and transported to Caroline for foster care this weekend.

To be honest, we hadn’t planned on taking any more pups into rescue right now as funds are super tight. But we also couldn’t stand to see this sweet momma ‘houla lose both her babies and her life thanks to an irresponsible “rescue”.

Would you be willing to chipin a dollar or two to help us cover this sweet momma’s vetting costs? She will need to be spayed, vaccinated, heartworm tested (& treated, if positive), dewormed, and microchipped prior to adoption.

Our chipin link is here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/momma-houla-left-behind-to-die

Donations can also be mailed in, if you prefer.

Please contact bonniebluerescue@gmail.com for our snail mail address.

Thank you for your continued support of our sweet pups.



5 Responses to “Abandoned by rescue”

  1. kimberely Says:

    That rescue and shelter who allowed this to happen should have their asses beat. I apologize but there is no nice way to put how I feel. These animals need love and attention from us heartless humans. Where Is the compassion?

  2. rosland Says:

    It is not OK, never was, never will be either xxx

  3. Michelle Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how one by one, compassionate animal lovers can network and bring about a miracle in saving the precious life of this very sad & gorgeous Houla momma. Caroline, BBR, and every volunteer and contributor involved are shining examples of unconditional love! God bless you all!

  4. Bobi Says:

    I’m very uneasy about any “rescue” that only pulls the puppies. I think it needs to be investigated. It doesn’t sound like a rescue at all, but more like a “for profit” organization. I am interested to find out how many more puppies they pulled without the moms

  5. Sandra J McIntyre Says:

    Stop this now! Those pups need their Mom and vise-versa! More over they are acting like a “puppy mill’ with out the expense.

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