Pup loose from transport! I-40 East at NC/TN Border!


Our sweet momma catahoula has been found.

She was struck and killed by a vehicle. 😦

More information here: http://wp.me/pJ26a-Ua

Additional photos of our momma catahoula from her earlier transport leg:


41 Responses to “Pup loose from transport! I-40 East at NC/TN Border!”

  1. Kimber Bush Says:

    i am watching this go VIRAL and the DOGS NAME is kinda important….

    • Beth Says:

      Did you read the post at all? She does not have a name she responds to! Her name doesn’t matter in the search! You can call her Freddy Mercury for all the difference it’s going to make. Anyway, I hope she is found healthy and unharmed!

  2. Paris Smith Says:

    omg, dont live far frm there,if theres anything i could do,please message me.

  3. Paris Smith Says:

    thinking of riding down there tommorrow please let me know by morning if someone can, if she has been found or not.

  4. Katherine Says:

    Has anyone put out warm, super tempting food for her at the location where she went missing? Keep her interested in staying in that area & hopefully be able to put in a humane trap if she won’t readily come to someone.

  5. Toni Newberry Says:

    I pray you find her safe and unharmed in anyway. Will say a prayer for her return. Please post back…

  6. Judi Abbott Says:

    Shared and praying!!!

  7. Doc Chery Says:

    cross posting folks- good luck!!

  8. Mel Says:

    This is such an Isolated and High Traffic place…Put up Posters and contact the Hiway Patrol and Animal Shelter…Praying she is found safe….Shared…

  9. Bluff Country Canine Rescue Says:

    I wish I could help!
    Shared and saying prayers for her safe recovery and delivery to a loving home…

  10. Kim Schmidt Says:

    and this is precisely why I only trust myself with my dog

  11. Joan Vogt Says:

    I hope the search date is 12/4 and NOT waiting until 12/14!!
    Came through there about 3 hours ago, but hadn’t seen this post, yet, and it’s awfully dark in the gorge. Good luck to all with the search efforts!

  12. Patty Novotny Says:

    Sharing post that should reach lots of folks in Tennessee. Praying that she’s found safe and healthy!

  13. Lee Mayer Says:

    I transported her on the first leg and fell in LOVE with her. We are almost back to Knoxville after looking several hours. We will be back in the morning at 7:00 am to resume the search. She was a love bunny in the car laying in my lap after a few minutes. I left the blanket that she laid on in hopes the scent would keep her around. One other marking is her left eye is brown with a ice blue spot in it. I’ll post more pics I took on Facebook when I get home.

  14. Wendy Brown Says:

    oh I’m so sorry about this little girl!! Did you just adopt her?? If you haven’t named her what about Noel?? I hope you find her!! I wish there was something I could do!

  15. Jean Says:

    I hope and pray you find her safe and sound. Poor scared pretty doggie. You said “mama”. Were her pups with the driver too? How old are they? She wouldn’t come out of hiding for her babies?? All best wishes.

  16. Ellen Twigg-Patrick Says:

    Suggest baiting live trap covered with blanket, with something like tuna as bait. Good Luck..sure hope she is found. This is why transported dogs must have permanent ID on tightish collars and be walked on a slip lead. Heres hoping she is found quickly!

  17. Cheryl Richards Helms Says:

    Julie Ganas
    Call police/ Sheriff. Troopers are on call … They will come help !!

  18. cheryl moser Says:

    Praying for fer safe and speedy return

  19. Kat Says:

    PLEASE if anyone finds her use a choke collar so she cannot slip out. I feel any dog should have a choke collar of some type when transported. And please don’t tell me they are cruel cause they are not its the person using it thats cruel…

  20. Carol Says:

    Put some KFC chicken out with a humane trap and you should be able to catch her. And in the future, please use a harness. We never transport without a harness and double leash system. So sad…

  21. leandra Says:

    Praying for the poor baby.

  22. kathy mcmanus Says:

    I’m a transporter and some people wonder why I drive straight thru the nite with some dogs and don’t let them out, some you can’t trust enough to let out, you drive thru the night with no sleep to get em where they are going so you don’t lose someone elses dogs. alot of dogs are fine. But some dogs just don’t do well with strangers in a cage on the road and let out with big rigs and cars passing at 80mph. and you can usually tell which ones. Stop harrasing your transporters for doing the best job they can with individual dogs. I’m going thru nc/tn on I 40 will keep my eyes open at rest stops and truck stops for your pup, check local shelters daily for new pics! kathy

  23. Barbara Says:

    You can’t chase her, you have to get her to come to you. Does anyone have a humane trap? If she is staying in the same area, you can set it with lots of smelly food.

    Many of us in far away places are keeping good thoughts for all of you.

  24. Vicki Says:

    Please let us know when/if you find this baby. I’ve crossposted widely, sent a friend who lives in the area to help with search. Nothing else to do now but wait and hope she’s found.

  25. sfloyd Says:

    Hopefully someone there will have some really tempting food for this baby. Saying prayers for her safety. This is heartbreaking and always a possibility in transports. I came close losing a 3 legged catahoula on one transport. A scary man approached us at a drop off location and it spooked the dog. This sweet dog actually backed out of his TIGHT harness but I was able to kneel down and comfort him. Scared me to death. I always bring along on transport some extra collars (as opposed to those little flimsy choke collars). Praying for this dog.

  26. Pup loose from transport! I-40 East at NC/TN Border! « Bonnie Blue … « Nowoczesne przeprowadzki Says:

    […] more here: Pup loose from transport! I-40 East at NC/TN Border! « Bonnie Blue … Comments […]

  27. Debby Hall Says:

    Fingers crossed she is found soon!!

  28. Bobbi Yarbrough Lee Says:

    I pray she is found soon

  29. Janet Davis Says:

    It’s been posted on Facebook that they found her about an hour and a 1/2 ago. She had been hit by a car, probably some time last night, and didn’t make it. 😦 I’m just wondering, did anyone stay out there last night, watching for her? I almost drove the 2 hours to do just that, but I’m the only one here at present to take care of my 4 dogs.

  30. Lisa Bowman Burcher Says:

    RIP, pretty girl. ❤

  31. Dena Lynch Says:

    This poor girl has been found killed, hit by a car.

  32. Pam Fisher Says:

    I just received an email cross posted to me that she was found but it’s a very tragic ending. Can someone please verify this? I have asked so many people in that area to look for her. Please confirm. This is so sad.

  33. Kathy Paskvan Says:

    An e-mail has just gone around that this baby was hit by a car some time during the night. Rest in peace sweet angel…. your death was so senseless and you were so close to being safe.

  34. Cheryl Richards Helms Says:


  35. Cindy Titus Says:

    I am so sad of her passing I posted this dog many times and was already sad that some rescue took her puppys and not her RIP sweet baby girl run free

  36. Max Vincent Says:

    The pup was killed by a vehicle.

  37. Leslie Says:

    soo sad ..RIP little mama..

  38. Paris Smith Says:

    has she been found?

  39. Paris Smith Says:

    omg ,did not see that post,heart breaking for her.

  40. Maureen Says:

    I’m so sorry. I know you all are devastated. I do know you pulled this girl with good intentions, showered her with love for that short time, for that I thank you. Those of us that transport will all take more care.

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