{bo & luke – one week from today}


Remember Bo & Luke?

Our sweet, sweet rescue pups from Mobile, AL?

When they first came joined us in rescue they looked like this:

These boys had been left behind when their old owner moved out of his rental home.

Bo was left in a crate too small for him, Luke left tied to a tree.

Both left without food and water.

For 4+ weeks.

 They were left to die.

*     *     *     *     *


On Monday, December 12th the gentlemen whose name is engraved on the collars these pups are wearing {see above photos} will be in court in Saraland, AL.

He is being charged with second degree animal cruelty, a misdemeanor charge in the state of Alabama.

At his last court appearance in May he pled “not guilty”.

Somehow, we seem to think otherwise.

*     *     *     *     *

We are pushing to get his charged upped to a felony charged based on Gucci’s Law (The Alabama Pet Protection Act) which passed in Alabama in 2000. This law allows for animal cruelty in the first degree to be  a Class C felony “if he or she intentionally tortures any dog or cat” (Code of Alabama 13A-11-241(a)). Currently, his charges consist of a Class A misdemeanor for cruelty to a dog or cat in the second degree.

*     *     *     *     *

If you’re in the MOBILE/SARALAND, AL area on MONDAY, DECEMBER 12th – will you join us?

We will have signs to support sweet Bo & Luke and would love to fill the courtroom in a show of support for these sweet pups. But we need help holding signs and handing out fliers!

If you can’t join us in Alabama on Monday, can you join us in sending positive thoughts and prayers our way?

Please email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com for more information on the upcoming court date and how you can help or email to let us know that you will be there! We will be holding a rallying point before the trial!

Want more information on Alabama’s anti-cruelty statutes? Read here: http://wp.me/pJ26a-U3


20 Responses to “{bo & luke – one week from today}”

  1. Diane Says:

    I would like to know how these two babies are doing. I have tried to log on but was not able.

  2. Bonnie Beane Says:

    I’m following so many such sad, sad stories but this one I do recall. There are so many since I’ve discovered what a huge issue this is, it’s now getting harder to keep them all straight! Had no idea prior to recent months about such horrendous, sad, forlorn situations — shame on so many stupid, careless, ruthless, ignorant, downright mean people. If I was in Alabama I’d be happy to join you for this — I am in AZ

  3. Kitty Bloger Says:

    Poor Bo and Luke. It’s horrible… the owner should get to jail… very sad story…

  4. Dena Yearwood Says:

    Can’t wait to see you all there on Monday and support these sweet babies!

  5. robert dennis Says:

    What time is the court date? I wanna see the person that did this to these poor babys get what he deserves

  6. Wendy Morse Crossposter Says:

    dogs look so much better!!
    hope their horrible torturer pays the ultimate penalty

  7. Susan Price Says:

    Wish I could join you in fact. I’m in Philly so it’s a bit of a commute. My thoughts and definitely with you and will keep my fingers crossed for Bo and Luke!

  8. Kristie albright Says:

    Thank you so much for everything you do! My thoughts and prayers are with you on Monday, and may justice prevail for these two precious innocent lovebugs. Blessings from oklahoma

  9. Linda S. Carr Says:

    I hope they hang the heartless idiot!! How can people sleep at night after doing such a cruel thing!! Did the dogs live? I certainly hope so and I pray they will find wonderful loving and forever homes!!

  10. Kathy Stovall Says:

    I am in Eight Mile Alabama and I would love to be there but I have pneumonia. My heart breaks looking at the pics and I cannot imagine how Bo and Luke survived that long. What a heartless monster to do that to those sweet fur babies!

  11. Julie Mitchell Says:

    Justice needs to be served for these poor neglected babies left to die all alone!!!

  12. CT Says:

    How sad, this makes me cry. The guy should be locked in jail without any food for the same amount of time. Then, should never be allowed to own a pet again.

  13. Diana Says:

    I’m working on Monday, but will be hoping that he is tied in a to small for him box and left without food and water for four weeks. Do unto others as they do unto the most weak and helpless on our planet.

  14. Laurie Taylor Says:

    I firmly believe abusers,(animal ),need to not only do their time but also be placed in the same conditions they placed the “animals”,in. Makes me wounder who the “animals”,really are!. I say,NO more misdemeaner…all intentional abuse and neglect needs to be a felony!.

  15. JC Says:

    I believe justice needs to be served, but it seems to me that all the energy being sent to give this man justice serves to quinch your anger. I would argue that it does no benefit to these dogs . Take your anger and use the energy in a better place. sounds like your trying to satisfy your feelings. I know it sends a message to people about taking care of their dogs. I can see that, but I can’t help but think about how much better all this energy could serve if it was let out elsewhere

  16. Leo Valencia Says:

    If there are any pet lovers on the jury, they will demand justice for these animals.
    This person does not deserve to go to jail…his due should be to be placed in a small crate and tied to a tree for four weeks as well

  17. Terri Says:

    No, but maybe it will stop him from abusing again, our energy is focused on this abuser and hundreds of others who abuse helpless animals everyday. Someone has to stand up and speak for them and that is what we choose to do!

  18. Tammie Lawrence Says:

    Horrible..wonder how the owner sleeps at night?

  19. lee Says:

    I now live in AL ( transplant from PA) and run a rescue here. unfortunately this sight is all too common down here and not much is done about it. I hate it and wish it would change but change is not a welcome thing around these parts. I just picked up 3 dogs that were left behind today and 1 a couple days ago. the comment I was given was” well I hated to take them to the shelter because they would just killl them” such ignorance…you just want to tie the owners to a tree and let them starve for awhile!

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