{bo & luke – our new favorite word is GUILTY}


UPDATED: Fox 10’s news story from today. Our favorite quote from this news clip, “Bo & Luke are in their forever homes where they have all of the food, water and love they deserve. And Loper? He’s in jail.” — Thank you @Paige Malone for your awesome coverage today! http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/news/local_news/mobile_county/dog-owner-prosecuted-for-neglect

Today could not have gone better.

Thanks to the prosecuting attorney, Mr. Perloff; our expert witness, Thomi; BBR foster mom, Natalie; & MCAS volunteer, Wendy – and their incredible testimony on Bo & Luke’s journey — WE WON!

It has been one year, seven months and one day since Bo & Luke were rescued.

And today, Mr. Loper was found GUILTY of animal cruelty.

He was sentenced to jail time (365 days reduced to 30 days), probation for 2 years after jail, $2,500 fine, & community service.

Thank you to each of you who shared Bo & Luke’s story, to each of you who crossposted, told a friend, shared on facebook, liked our page, emailed your coworkers, donated for their care, came out to support us at court, drove on one of their transports, aided in their rescue, chipped in for vetting costs, and to each of you who loved them from afar.

Thanks to each and every one of you, we are victorious today.

But, to be fair, we won with Bo & Luke long before today’s verdict was ever reached.

We won the day they were rescued: http://wp.me/pJ26a-UN


6 Responses to “{bo & luke – our new favorite word is GUILTY}”

  1. Gloria Says:

    Fantastic news!!! Thank you for all you do. You are an amazing group of caring people. From your friends at Catahoula Rescue Ontario!

  2. Lee Mayer Says:

    I’m happy he got something but God something is wrong when you are going to serve only 30 days. I hope he knows pain in his lifetime and hunger! Thank God someone cared for those he didn’t care about!

  3. Moni Says:

    It is always not big enough the punishment those idiots get. But you are right: the two won the day they were rescued. Thank you, everybody who helped. Moni- from Germany, where shelter animals are not killed.

  4. Toki Waza Says:

    Let`s hope the `right` person is standing behind him when he drops the slippery bar of soap in the shower…….

  5. Tracy Chapmeek Rottweilers & Staffords Says:

    30 days 30 years it should be

  6. Jo-Ann Rawlings Says:

    This is good news….although I believe the laws should be MUCH STRICTER. I am so happy for the two babies who now have a chance for a long loving life.

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