Remembering sweet Molly


In January of this year, we posted an urgent plea for a foster home/retirement home for sweet Molly, a super senior Cocker Spaniel girl. Original post here.

Molly was an extra special 15 year old pup whose mom had to move into an assisted living facility.

Molly’s heart was breaking without her mom, and her mom’s family was unable to take her in long-term.

We heard about sweet Molly through a post on Craigslist and offered to help, we couldn’t stand the idea of this sweet, easy-going girl ending up in a kill shelter. That’s no place for ANY dog, but definitely not a super senior.

Enter The Hamilton Family: Amy and her husband heard about Molly and immediately emailed to offer to bring her into their home. They had a special place in their heart for seniors, and had more than enough love to go around. The only problem was, they lived in NY and Molly was in VA.

Thanks to an incredible team of drivers, sweet Molly journey’ed from VA to NY one weekend in late-January.

Molly has spent the last year as a NY girl, loving life with her second forever family. Molly became Amy’s shadow and followed her everywhere and actually LOVED the snow.

Molly also became good buddies with Harley, the Hamilton’s other pup. Sweet Harley would always walk beside Molly to keep her steady. When Molly was hanging out in another room, Harley would run back and forth to check on her often to make sure she was okay.

This little girl’s life could not have gotten any better.

It is with a heavy heart that we share that sweet Molly crossed over to Rainbow Bridge this past weekend. Thanks to the love and care of The Hamilton Family, sweet Molly wanted for nothing in her last year as an earth dog. Every pup should be so lucky to be loved that much.

It takes an incredible family to be able to rescue a senior pup, and the Hamilton’s are just that. Though their hearts are full of sadness right now, I know that they are also filled with thankfulness and grace.

Run free, sweet Molly-dolly.

You are loved, and greatly missed.


7 Responses to “Remembering sweet Molly”

  1. wendy Says:

    You guys are my heros, thanks for all you do, to help the underdogs.. Molly’s story , touch my soul. Is there a way to post this story on facebook?

  2. Bonnie Beane Says:

    bittersweet story — lucky Hamiltons, lucky Molly, and very lucky former Mom in assisted living.

  3. Susan Dean Says:

    Such a sweet story. I have always had a special place in my heart for seniors and for those who share their family with them. Tears.

  4. Diane Says:

    I am so thankful that i could be part of this happy tail. Molly spent a few happy days with us before traveling to NY. What a sweet girl she was.

  5. Brenda Says:

    I write this through tears of joy and sorrow as i remember my beloved black cocker spaniel, Champ; he was 18 when he lay down and his great heart gave out. The last couple of years of his life he had several problems associated with an aging dog and the vet suggested putting him down. That was NEVER an option, it was both an honor and a privilege to help him as much as possible in his last years. Very little compared to the many years of loyalty, love and companionship that he had given me. Rest easy my dear friend.

  6. Dodie Mitchell Says:

    I know John and Amy personally and saw Molly for myself. Amy and John gave SO much love for Molly.I watched Amy literally carry Molly outside to do her business..and then pick her uo and carry her back in..just so she didn’t have to go up the steps as it was very hard for mind you..Moll Doll weighed almost as much as Amy! Molly sure did have a great family (sister labs included) to finish out her life with.I know Amy is torn..but it was definitely her time and Amy and John are awesome people!

  7. thestargal Says:


    Please give a special blessing to each and every person whose hearts have been touched by these loving animals and have in turn, touched their hearts as well.

    Surely, this is the kind of love you want us to have for one another.

    In Jesus Name,


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