Ninja #2 needs our help!


Meet Ninja#2!

Sweet Ninja #2 is an extra special mixed breed girl.

While in foster care with Bonnie Blue Rescue, she went by two other names – Princess & Artemis.

This sweet girl has had the luckiest few months of her life. After several months in foster homes in Alabama & Tennessee, sweet Ninja#2 found her forever family in Connecticut with her new dad, Norm, & her own little boy, Norm, Jr.

Norm is a single dad to Norm, Jr (age 7) and these guys absolutely ADORE Ninja.

She has been having a ball with her new forever family.

Ninja#2 even got to dress up for Halloween this year!

She is a happy, bright, fun girl who loves life!

Unfortunately, Ninja #2 got into a terrible accident this past weekend when she leapt from the window of a moving vehicle. We are unclear as to whether the driver of the vehicle she was in or the driver of the vehicle following them that hit her, but regardless, this sweet girl got hurt. :/

Ninja #2 had a broken femur and after visits to the two emergency vets in town – it was obvious that she was going to need orthopedic surgery to stabilize her leg. And soon.

One massive surgery and three pins later, Ninja#2 is now back at home with her forever dad resting up and letting her leg heal (warning – graphic photo below).

Even after several thousand dollars in payments on Ninja#2’s account, Norm still has $2374.68 remaining on the bill from emergency vet visits, xrays & emergency surgery.

And $2374.68 is A LOT of money to have hanging over your head, especially at this time of the year.

Would you be willing to chipin a few dollars to help us pay off Ninja#2’s emergency surgery?

Our policy is once a Bonnie Blue Rescue pup, always a Bonnie Blue Rescue pup – and we like to do whatever we can to help any of our former Bonnie Blue Rescue pups who need extensive medical help. Can you join us in chipping in on this massive bill so that Norm, Norm, Jr & Ninja#2 all have a wonderful (and worry free) Christmas together?

Would you be willing to share this link to anyone who might be willing to donate a dollar or two to help pay off sweet Ninja#2’s care?

You can ChipIn here:

For more information regarding Ninja#2, or for our snail mail address, please email us at


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