Charming Charlie


Sweet Charlie is our newest addition.

He is a 2 year old Labrador Retriever boy.


Charlie was rescued from the streets in Augusta, GA, where he had been a stray for sometime. Charlie was scanned for a microchip and his owners were searched for … but no one came forward to claim this amazing boy.

Charlie was at risk of being turned over to the local shelter, so we offered to take him into our rescue program. This sweet guy has already been through the heartbreak of losing his family … we couldn’t stand to see him lose his life in a shelter, too.

Charlie is now in a short-term foster home in Georgia (THANK YOU, FRAN!!!) & will be moving to Birmingham, AL area in just a few weeks.

Charlie is one well-mannered pup. He is sweet, obedient, loves everyone he meets, and is eager to please.

He even shakes hands when he first meets new friends.

Charlie went into the vet today for vaccines and a check up, and we learned that he is VERY HIGH heartworm positive. Because of this, Charlie is not a good candidate for slow heartworm treatment (which we try to do with younger/healthier/light heartworm positive dogs).

There is a wonderful vet in Birmingham, AL area who can treat Charlie for heartworms — $300 with our rescue discount — but we do not currently have the funds to cover his treatment. :/

We hope to start Charlie’s treatment on Monday, January 30th.

Would you be willing to ChipIn a dollar or two to help us fund Charlie’s heartworm treatment?

Donations can be made online via Chipin here:

OR can be mailed in – just email us at for our snail mail address!

& THANK YOU for your continued love and support of our Bonnie Blue Rescue pups.


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