Pocket Catahoula?


Ever wondered what a mini-Catahoula would look like?

Well look no further!

Gorgeous Olivia is 6 months old and weighs almost 30 lbs.

She is definitely a Catahoula mix, but is just the perfect size!

Our vet thinks that it is unlikely that she will get much bigger, which is awesome!

Olivia came to us from SC where she was abandoned on the side of the road, left to starve. She was finally picked up by someone, after others kept driving by her. She was taken to the Lancaster, SC shelter where they placed her immediately with a foster. There were 3 days where they weren’t sure that sweet Olivia would survive. After a lot of special care and TLC, this little girl bounced back with a vengeance!

Olivia is a very smart puppy who learns fast and is absolutely fearless. She barks when she has something to bark at, so would be an excellent guard dog, but she also gets along great with other dogs and kids!

Olivia is not at all food aggressive but somewhat food obsessed… but who could blame her? She was hungry for a long time!

Olivia is a sweet loving puppy who is looking for a family who won’t abandon her ever again.

If you have room in your heart and home for this special girl, please apply to adopt her here: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/2onfBb4Wr5MH401E


One Response to “Pocket Catahoula?”

  1. Bobbi Lee Says:

    what a gorgeous dog, I wish I could have another right now, she would be the one

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