Lizzie’s Happily Ever After


What can we say, we’re suckers for a great “happily-ever-after” and sweet Lizzie has found just that!

Lizzie’s story was too special not to share….

Lizzie is an amazing little girl. She was rescued from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter late last year. She gave birth to a litter of puppies and raised them, once the puppies were old enough to wean Lizzie actually acted as a surrogate mother to another litter of 7 puppies who had just lost their momma.

Sadly, Lizzie’s “adopted” litter of pups did not make it, despite her best efforts to love on them and nurse them.

When contacted to take Lizzie back, Lizzie’s original adopter didn’t want her any more (our best guess is that she adopted Lizzie just to get her puppies).


Thankfully, Lizzie had a whole community of amazing folks in Louisiana networking together to make sure that Lizzie would not end up back in the shelter. Lizzie got very sick after her spay surgery with a bacterial infection, but thanks to quick vet work, a round of antibiotics, some serious fundraising and lots of TLC she perked right up!

Thanks to her rescuers kind hearts and constant networking, Lizzie found her way to Bonnie Blue Rescue.

After just one week in foster care with BBR, sweet Lizzie made her way to her FOREVER FAMILY in CT!

We received this happily ever after email today and had to share:

“Lizzie has fit in so nicely, Vader is in love with her as are we. She has adjusted well to all the cats and like’s to nibble on them. We are having a lot of fun with her, she and Vader visited with Orwell (a golden retriver) after her Vet’s appt., and had a blast. Orwell live’s on a 55 acre estate of open fields and apple orchard, tons of room to romp and play and thats just what they did. Fun stuff, she like’s the boys to chase her, smart girl!
We all send kisses to everyone that was involved with Lizzie, THANK’S FOR THIS GREAT GIRL!
 Fondly Darlene, Skip, Ethan, Vader, Lizzie and the cats”

So from us to you — one giant THANK YOU for everyone who chipped in, transported, fostered, networked, crossposted, or loved on this little lady from afar.

THIS is what rescue is all about!


3 Responses to “Lizzie’s Happily Ever After”

  1. Jan Says:

    So, so happy for little Lizzie!!!! :))))

  2. Terri Preston Says:

    Love happy endings!!!

  3. Bonnie Beane Says:

    Lizzie’s story……well I’ve been watching you for a relatively short time and you are definitely now on my ‘favorites’ list — You’re doing wonderful work for a worthy cause and I so admire that. Thank you for all you continue to do to help the animals in need.

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