Ripley (of the Alabama 8)


Remember The Alabama 8?

Bonnie Blue Rescue took in 5 of the 8 pups from this cruelty case last year. Baron, Dexter, Lorelei, Copper & sweet Ripley.

Of those sweet pups, only Lorelei & Ripley remain in foster care.

Copper (now named Henry Copper) & Baron are adopted & sweet Dexter crossed over Rainbow Bridge last year (we will do a post with photos of Henry Copper & Baron in their forever homes soon!)

Lorelei is working with a wonderful behaviorist and her rock star foster family in CT to overcome some lingering anxiety issues brought on by years of confinement and neglect. She is making great strides and will hopefully be up for adoption later this year.

Ripley has also been blossoming in foster care. He just moved to a brand new foster home last weekend and is doing wonderfully. Ripley’s only lingering issue is that he has been battling chronic ear infections for the past 6 months. We need your help to continue to provide Ripley with the medical treatment he needs!

*     *     *     *     *

If you’ll remember, just 6 short months ago Ripley was rescued from a home that looked like this:

Today, Ripley’s [foster] home looks more like this:

Ripley is definitely living the good life in foster care.

Unfortunately, Ripley’s vet bills over the past few months have really wiped out our small rescue.

In just two months, we have spent close to $1,000 on Ripley vet bills for near-constant ear infections. He is still battling possible allergy issues and constant ear infections.

Ripley has just gotten in with a wonderful new vet in AL, Dr. Atkinson, who is taking great care of our boy. We are trying a new type of aggressive antibiotics for Ripley combined with an ear flushing treatment and are hopeful that the combination of the two will continue to help his ears improve.

Right now, Ripley’s bills are $150-$175 every two weeks for an ear flushing treatment and antibiotics. While we want to help Ripley continue to heal and get better, we are struggling to keep up with his bills.

We have set up a ChipIn for Ripley’s ongoing medical bills and will update it as they continue to incur. Right now the ChipIn will cover his vet bill from this week ($174) and the estimated amount for his ear flushing treatment and vet visit next week ($125).  If you are interested in making a donation you can do so by clicking here: and choosing the link to ‘chipin’. Donations can also be made via check or by calling in donations to our vet, please just email us at for more information.

We are exploring options to get Ripley in with a veterinary dermatologist for allergy testing and with an ear specialist at Auburn. We will update you as we find out more information on each of these options. No matter what, we just want sweet Ripley to be well – and to be well-loved.

*     *     *      *     *

Ripley is also still seeking his forever family!

This handsome hound boy has much to offer – he is sweet, mellow, and is an all around good boy. Ripley is great with cats and dogs, adores his human people, and loves just sunbathing outside. Ripley is a relatively quiet and incredibly appreciative pup. He will make a wonderful forever companion for most any family.

If you are interested in adopting sweet Ripley, please email us at for more information. Bonnie Blue Rescue will continue covering Ripley’s medical bills until his ears/allergy issues are resolved, so please do not let that be a deterrent when it comes to adopting!



One Response to “Ripley (of the Alabama 8)”

  1. Missoni Charmaine Says:

    awwww sweetie xx i have a dog that had chronic ear infections due to them being left by his former owner – he became almost deaf and now has had his ear canel removed , he is a great big puppy at 8…hoping Ripley gets better and gets a good home xx

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