Peeta needs help!


Peeta is sick. Very, very, very sick.

Despite being fully vaccinated, Peeta was exposed to parvo  last weekend.
Peeta is currently at our emergency vet getting treatment, but is in critical condition.
*     *     *
To answer some of the questions asked so far: Peeta was fully vaccinated and quarantined for several weeks prior to transport. At his age, and with multiple vaccines under his belt prior to transport, Peeta should not have gotten sick; that being said … he still has parvo. Thankfully, all of the pups on last weekend’s transport had received a minimum of two rounds of vaccines before transport and had been quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks, as we require that for all of our transports. The other pups on last weekend’s transport are all totally healthy — THANK GOODNESS!
*     *     *
What’s going to happen to Peeta? Peeta is truly in the best hands possible with our vets at Hanover Green Vet Clinic. They are doing everything they can to help us save this sweet guy. Unfortunately, Peeta’s visit to the emergency vet and round-the-clock vet care for the next few days is going to be incredibly expensive.
Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated! Donations can be made via Chipin by going here ( and clicking the link to the right that says “ChipIn!” or by calling in a donation to our vet clinic (Hanover Green Vet Clinic) at 803.730.2565 — Peeta’s account is under Bonnie Blue Rescue/Courtney Groves.
*     *     *
How do dogs get parvo? Parvo is transmitted through contact with feces or vomit of an infected animal and infected soil/surfaces. When an animal is infected with parvo, it reaches their intestinal track around day 3-4, and symptoms are “full blown” by days 5-7. Peeta started having an upset stomach late on Friday night and was refusing fluids by early this morning, which means that he was likely infected Fri/Sat/Sunof last week. Peeta could have been exposed from a variety of places – vet clinic where he was neutered, foster home, overnight location, meeting spots along the transport route (previously infected by other dogs), etc.
*     *     *
Are you a transporter? AVOID these meeting locations: We have sent out an email with all meeting locations used for last weekend’s transport. If you have not yet seen it please go here:  We STRONGLY RECOMMEND avoiding these meeting locations/handoff spots for the next 6 months (at a minimum) so as not to infect other pups with these germs.
*      *     *
Thank you for your continued support of our rescue. Peeta’s situation just reinforces the fact that rescue is rarely easy … but it is worth it.

2 Responses to “Peeta needs help!”

  1. Bobbi Yarbrough Lee Says:

    so sorry to hear about Peeta. Thanks for the warning about meeting spots.

  2. Graeme Saunders Says:

    if it truly is parvo, then one injection of “tamiflu” will cure it, plus “tamiflu” is relatively inexpensive

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