Peeta update — still a sick boy. :(


Peeta is still a very, very sick boy.

He has been transported from our regular vet (Hanover Green Vet Clinic) to the local emergency vet (Dogwood Vet Clinic) for overnight, round-the-clock care. He will go back to our regular vet tomorrow for day-time care and back to the ER vet as needed tomorrow night.

Peeta has had a rough day of temperature spikes with his temp ranging from 102 – 106. Temperatures ranging at 105-106 can cause permanent brain damage. At admittance to the ER clinic (Dogwood) tonight, Peeta’s temp was 105.9. They are working furiously to get his temperature lowered and will be using fans and packing him with ice to get it down. The estimate for Peeta’s overnight care was initially thought to be around $350, but the official quote has now jumped to $700-800 based on the level of care and constant monitoring that he will need. We have updated the chipin to reflect this change.

Please consider making a donation to Peeta’s care — even a tiny donation will make a huge difference to our small rescue! Donations can also be called into our vet directly at 804.730.2565 (Hanover Green Vet Clinic) or made online via chipin at

And please, keep this sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers. He needs them. 😦


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