Rough night for Peeta; better morning.


To those of you who have inquired why we have not euthanized Peeta I want to say this — we don’t take the easy way out.

When our rescue commits to taking an animal on — we commit.


No matter what.

Is it expensive to treat parvo? Heck yes! Is there any guarantee that Peeta is going to make it? No, but there is a good chance he can beat this! Is this straining our rescue financially? Yes, more than you could possibly know. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just have him euthanized? Of course, but it would also be unwarranted.

Peeta is a fighter — and he deserves a chance! Peeta is a young, sweet, amazing boy. I know most of you haven’t met him, but I have to say that if you did — you’d fall instantly in love. He is beyond loving and affectionate despite his rough days early on. He deserves every single chance at life and a family of his own. He has an amazing forever momma lined up to adopt him — someone who already adores this boy from nose to tail. He deserves a chance and as long as he will keep fighting and showing us that he’s in this — we are too.

Our rescue made a commitment to Peeta — and we are sticking it out with him.


*     *     *     *     *

Tuesday 2/28 7:25am update: Peeta is still a very, very sick boy — BUT there is a small sliver of light at the end of this tunnel. Peeta’s temp got very high last night and he experienced lots of diarrhea overnight BUT by this morning his temp is close to 104 (still high, but not as high) and his “volume” of diarrhea is subsiding. Peeta is still urinating which is great news because that means that his kidneys and liver are still functioning as they should AND his white blood cell (WBC) count is where it should be. So we are going to call this progress & hope that this means that our sweet boy is turning the corner!

Peeta’s overnight care bill for last night was $703.00.

To date, our ChipIn has raised $775.00.

Peeta will absolutely need another night of overnight care tonight — estimated again at $700. This means that we need to raise $625 today to be able to properly provide for Peeta. The amount of money we need to raise is staggering, I know. Thankfully we have an amazing regular vet who is willing to let us make payments on Peeta’s bill there … but with the emergency/overnight care, we must pay his bill up front.

This means we have 10 hours to raise $625.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it going to take a miracle? Yes!

Please consider making even a tiny donation towards Peeta’s care. Truly, every single dollar is going to make a huge difference. You can chipin online here: or by calling in a credit card payment to Hanover Green Vet Clinic at 804.730.2565 (account of Bonnie Blue Rescue/PEETA). Donations can also be sent via “snail mail”. Just contact us at for that address.


2 Responses to “Rough night for Peeta; better morning.”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I can think of countless pups over the years, our beloved Sheba & her five surviving pups included, that absolutely would not be here if not for BBR’s 110% commitment. I remain eternally grateful!

  2. Vee Brownell Says:

    I believe he should have a chance… if he is still willing to fight this. Many pups make it through Parvo.. it is usually the cost that is prohibitive.. to treat them. Keep fighting sweet man… we all love you.. Vee

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