Oh, Peet. :(


Sweet Peet lost his battle with parvo this evening.

He passed away peacefully in the arms of his foster-to-adopt momma, Lauren.

We will have more words in the next few days, but for tonight we are grieving, and loving, and missing that sweet guy.

To each of you who supported Peet and our small rescue — THANK YOU. Your kindness, love, prayers, and positive thoughts have meant the world to us and allowed us to do everything that we could to try and save Peet.

Thank you for that.


6 Responses to “Oh, Peet. :(”

  1. Paula E West Says:

    So sorry guys – just a terrible thing to happen. But could not be helped. Thanks to all who transported Peet, his foster mom, Lauren and Bonnie Blue Rescue – you guys are the best. Prayers for all of you – RIP Peet

  2. bb alley Says:

    i’m so sorry-you all are wonderful for giving him a chance at life–

    bb alley

  3. Amy Hamilton Says:

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to Lauren and Courtney in your loss of such a handsome pup Peet. May he rest in peace.

  4. missoni Says:

    😦 ❤

  5. Kathy Says:

    So sorry for your loss! I know how sad you must be,we have lost a couple beautiful babies this past year and also due to distemper @ RDV.At least he found LOVE for a short while.Thank you for all you’ve done!Kathy

  6. Dawn Jeralds Says:

    I also am so very sorry for Peete and Bonnie blue. I do however applaud your adimance in helping fight for his life. God Bless

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