Little Boy Blue Update & BBR Can’t Win!


SAT AM UPDATE: Little Boy Blue, dubbed simply “Blue” by the awesome vet treating him, is an amazing little guy. Blue was born into rescue when his momma (Big Momma) was rescued just in the nick of time from death row in a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana.

Blue and his 8 littermates have been living in a wonderful foster home in Louisiana for the past 6 weeks – being healthy, happy, normal pups.

On Wednesday, Blue got really, really sick. He was lethargic, not interested in eating/drinking, and could not stand up on his own. Blue’s foster momma rushed him to her vet — he was semi-comotose when they arrived. That’s how quickly he went down hill.

Blue’s glucose level was at 20 (normal is 60-110). The vets on staff worked multiple miracles to try and save this sweet guy. He was so sick that it was impossible to find a vein for the catheter, so Blue had a catheter placed in his femur (bone marrow) so that he could begin receiving fluids.

Blue has been on fluids for the past 72+ hours and was starting to improve yesterday (Friday). His glucose level continued to fluctuate, but the vets were working hard to get that under control. His temperature is holding steady and he is eating tiny amounts through a syringe during forced feedings.

As most of you already know, we got slammed with several thousand dollars in vet bills just last week as we tried to save sweet Peeta. We had hoped for a healthy puppy reprieve for a week or two so that our hearts and BBR bank account could recover. Unfortunately, that was not destined to happen. The timing couldn’t be worse for another one of our sweet babies to get sick. But if you have a few dollars to spare, could you chipin for sweet Blue’s care? Any amount helps and all are GREATLY appreciated.

*      *      *      *      *

SATURDAY NOON UPDATE: We just got a call from our vet in Louisiana. We now have a whole litter of very sick pups on our hands. Ugh. Little Boy Blue is still at the vet clinic for round-the-clock care — he was starting to perk up a little bit yesterday, but today he is much worse. He is unable to stabilize his blood sugar (glucose level) on his own and is getting dextrose through his IV line. He is not yet able to eat on his own but is being force fed small amounts via syringe. They vets remain hopeful that he can make it through this, but he is still in very critical condition.

As planned, their foster brought the other 8 puppies from this litter in today for a well-puppy check up & their first puppy vaccines. Several of the pups were borderline dehydrated after having diarrhea from deworming yesterday. The puppies were not healthy enough to have their 6 week puppy booster yet and were all given subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic, metronidazole, and albon. Despite being totally quarantined, they all tested positive for coccidia.
These 8 pups were sent back home with their foster, but will be very closely monitored over the next few days to make sure that they continue to improve. They will start their vaccines when healthy enough (& when their immune systems are not compromised). Little Boy Blue remains at the vet clinic until further notice.
Our bill as of today is $1100. We estimate another $250 daily round-the-clock charge for Little Boy Blue’s critical care over the next 24 hours. This brings our total to $1350. To say that we are defeated, disheartened, and overwhelmed is a major understatement. We have asked for so much help from our BBR friends and supporters over the last week, that we HATE to be in a position to ask for help again. Unfortunately, the BBR Emergency Fund is empty, our bank account is scarily depleted, and we have no idea how we are going to raise this money. Suggestions are more than welcomed & can be emailed to
In the meantime, we are chipping away at our owed amount one donation at a time. If you have a few dollars to spare this weekend, we would greatly appreciate even a very small donation. To a rescue the size of ours, every single dollar makes a huge impact. Donations can be made via Chipin by clicking this link and choosing the button to the right that says “chipin!”, can be called into our treating vet at 318.397.9000 (under the account of Melissa Marble/Bonnie Blue Rescue — ask for Mary!), or can be sent in via snail mail. Contact us at for the snail mail address.
To each of you who have already donated or who are praying for our sweet pups — thank you & keep up the prayers and positive thoughts!
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