Sam’s American Dream


Sam is an 8 year old girl with a huge heart — and an even bigger American dream.

A big of background: Sam helps her mom & dad foster for Bonnie Blue Rescue. In the last year or so she has learned a lot about the rescue world — the good and bad. Sam loves to look online at the photos of pups coming into rescue, follows their stories, and help name our foster pups!

I couldn’t help but cry when I read this.

We are so proud to have you on the Bonnie Blue Rescue team, Sam!


5 Responses to “Sam’s American Dream”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is so sweet! Great job,Hope her dream comes true!

  2. Elaine Prentis Margulis Says:

    I would like to walk with you through the puppy mills & chant! I would also love to pick up every dog & give him a big hug, some tummy rubs, & a kiss… they can kiss me back…with as many slurps as they like. Proud of you all. Love, Thea Eleni

  3. Michelle Says:

    From the mouth of babes….(tears). Sam is wise beyond her years and her determination could truly start a revolution to end puppy mills and parvo. I have dubbed her Spectacular Sam! Way to go Sweetie!

  4. Laura C. Strachan Says:

    A girl with a plan – I love it! She’s going to start off with a speech,”to kinda get their hearts broke” – smart girl! And she’s even going to say thank you once she gets all the puppies. Such a sweet, smart girl!!!

  5. Heather Rial Says:

    Dear Sammie! You are a very big hearted and darling young lady! I think your Dream and your speech to end puppy mills is sooooo Awesome – If I was there at one of your speeches, I would be clapping very loud for you! I think all of the puppies love you very much!!!! Bless your little Heart!

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