Some days we can’t win — but some days we CAN!


If you’re a regular blog follower you already know – it’s been a rough few weeks around here. But we were DETERMINED to make sure that this week was awesome. And so far – so good!

We heard about two extra special pups this week that really touched our hearts.

This gorgeous black lab girl was at a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana. A shelter that is overrun with labs, black dogs, and hounds. She had been overlooked for the adoption floor because of her breed and color. We desperately wanted to save her, but we have zero open foster homes right now (& 20 pups needing fosters in the next few weeks – yikes!). PAWS of NELA, our Southern shelter-rescue connection, offered to pull this sweet girl for us & get her into a foster home IF a foster could be found. This pup was scheduled to be euthanized today, but thanks to Jen’s pleading, she was given extra time. Many, many folks networked like crazy today to find a place for this darling pup to go and the amazing Stacey stepped up to foster her, just in the nick of time! With Stacey & Jen’s help and their commitment to saving her, this beauty is now going to bed tonight with a full belly & will get a good night’s rest at the vet clinic (she is getting ready to get vetted tomorrow). Go girls!

We got another email this afternoon about a darling 5(ish) month old Catahoula Leopard pup in CT. Only no one knew he was a ‘houla — they thought he was terrier/hound mix. When our CT foster mom, Pat, spotted him in the crosspost, she knew he was bound to be a BBR pup. The catch? Still no open fosters. And, he’s deaf. Which means we needed an extra special foster family to step up for this cute guy. Enter Diane! After seeing the post on our BBR Facebook page, Diane (a regular BBR foster) messaged and offered to foster the houla boy once her current foster pup, Poppet is adopted! Best part? Diane has worked with deaf dogs before!


These are just two of the many, many examples of how working together really does help save more dogs!

It is also an example of how Bonnie Blue Rescue has some of the the most amazing supporters, volunteers, crossposters & rescue friends out there.

So some days are rough and we feel like we can’t get ahead.

Other days we know that we are making a difference; we are doing one pup at a time.

Did one of these cuties speak to your heart? Email us for more info on them, both will be available for adoption in just a few weeks once fully vetted.


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