{baby’s lucky day}


This darling little bit is our newest rescue. Fair warning, his story may break your heart.

This little dude was found on the side of the road snuggled up to his momma. His mom had been struck and killed by by a car some time before. Not knowing what to do with this tiny little pup, the person who found this little family picked this baby up and took him to the local shelter, thinking that it would be the safest place for him.

Unfortunately, a shelter is not a safe place for a 4-5 week old puppy.

He was set to be euthanized today, but instead has just joined us in rescue. He is now SAFE!

A huge thanks to Holly, Charlene & Donna for working with BBR to get him out of the shelter and into a foster home!

Now we need your help to name this tiny little dude.

In honor of St. Patty’s day, we have narrowed down our choices to a few good, solid Irish names.

Help us name the baby!

A tiny, tough guy needs a strong name, no?


Note: Poll closes at midnight on Saturday, March 17th.  His name will be announced then!


3 Responses to “{baby’s lucky day}”

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  2. Bonnie Beane Says:

    It’s a miracle that he was found alive and the course that followed.
    Bless you for your care and concern in caring for this poor little guy. Hope he will have a great forever home with lots of love included.

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