Mini-rosebuds & puppy breath


Remember Momma Rose & her adorable little pile of mini-rosebuds?

Well our little rosebuds are growing up!

*     *     *

Check them out now at 4 weeks old!

Happy 4 week birthday, babies!

(Bobby, male)

*     *     *

(Patches, male)

*     *     *

(Ricky, male)

*     *     *

(Muffin, male)

*     *     *

(Rosie, female)

*     *     *

(Merle, male)

*    *    *

(Happy, male)

*     *    *

(Spring, female)

*     *     *

(Sophie, female)

*     *     *

(Waylon, male)

*     *     *

No post on this tiny (but BIG) little family can go without a couple of HUGE THANK YOU’S!

First big thank you is to Rachel  — Rachel is the one who saw sweet momma Rose in a shelter and advocated on her behalf (aka: worked her ass off to get Rose out before she gave birth at the shelter!), who sat up night after night with one very sick Rosie, who has cleaned up more poop, and pee, and vomit than any one person should have to in a life time (let alone in a 4 week span), who has made several mad dashes to the vet clinic (& ER vet) – and who has done this without complaint while 6-7 months pregnant. To that same Rachel (she’s a superhero, in case you didn’t know), who has bottlefed several of these sweeties day after day when their momma wasn’t interested in them, or didn’t have enough of a milk supply — bless you. I know your days are long and nights likely longer, but this family is alive because of you. One million thank you’s from us to you. ❤

To our amazing friends at PAWS NELA who have pitched in to help bottle feed, puppy sit, and love on these babies. Thank you! To Jennifer who has worked tirelessly to make sure that they were cared for and fed, and taking on some bottle feeding of her own (in addition to all that she has going on) – thank you! To those who have signed up to sponsor these little pups & their sweet momma, to offset some of the incredible vet bills that they incurred the first few weeks of their life — thank you, thank you, thank you. Rescue simply would not be possible without you.

Working together to save this family has reminded us that there is an entire community out there behind us, behind these tiny pups and all of the others that we save. And that? That is an awesome feeling.

*     *     *

These little ones are not quite ready to leave their momma & find their forever families BUT they will each be looking for foster or foster-to-adopt homes in the next 4-5 weeks.

If you are interested in FOSTERING one of these sweet pups (when they are old enough to leave their momma), please fill out our foster home application online here:

If you are interested in ADOPTING one of these pups (when they are old enough), please fill out our adoption application online here:


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