Helping Hope


Sweet Hope was found as a stray in rural Alabama by a wonderful rescuer named Cathy.

Hope had obviously had a rough start to her life.

She was extremely emaciated, had a cut ear to show for a past battle wound (or cruel owner), and had obviously been through a great deal.

Even her spirit seemed broken.

On her first vet visit, Hope weighed 31.3 lbs. Dr. Murphy felt like she was at least 15-20 lbs underweight and did not recommend vaccinations yet due to malnutrition. Her body and immune system were working overtime just to keep her alive and did not have the extra resources to be able to handle multiple vaccines at that time.

Hope did have a secondary skin infection and was loaded with worms. She also tested heavy heartworm positive. Hope was in bad shape — but we were hopeful that she would bounce back quickly.

After several weeks of love, good food & TLC from her foster mom, Hope is putting on weight and is filling out beautifully. She is finally healthy enough to get her booster vaccines next week – yay!

Once Hope has had time to bounce back from her vaccines, she will be going through rapid heartworm treatment (immiticide injections). Though we typically try to treat younger pups with slow heartworm treatment, Hope is heavy/high positive. This means it is likely she has heartworms for sometime and is at a greater risk of permanent heart and lung damage if the worms linger in her system. For these reasons, we have opted to put her through rapid heartworm treatment with one of our favorite vets in Alabama.

*     *     *

We need your help!

We need to raise $300 to cover the cost of Hope’s heartworm treatment and followup microflaria filter test (done 21 days after her final injection). Would you be willing to chip in a dollar or two to help us give this girl the best chance possible at finding her forever home? Truly, every single donation makes a big difference to our small rescue!

Donations can be made online here: or by snail mail (email us at for snail mail address).

*     *     *

The great news is that Hope is settling into her foster home beautifully. We have no doubt that she will be ready to find her forever family as soon as she has completed heartworm treatment!

Hope has really come to appreciate consistent mealtimes (& never having to wonder when she will get to eat again),

long walks with her foster mom,

& having her *very own* bed to snuggle up in at night.

Miss Hope — your luck has definitely changed!

(judging by the look on her face we think she knows it!)


One Response to “Helping Hope”

  1. Bonnie Beane Says:

    She looks like a real sweetheart, hope her recovery is swift and excellent and she has a totally different kind of life next with her own loving family.

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