Our loss; heaven’s gain.


Spectacular. Giving. Phenomenal. Always Smiling. Loving. Amazing. Generous. Passionate. Extra Special.

In the past few weeks I’ve seen these words over and over again when we talk about Christine.

And they’re all right.

The rescue community took a major hit a few weeks ago when one of our own, Christine Kimmins, suffered a heart attack and subsequent accident on her way to work one morning. In the aftermath of that accident, it has been beyond heartwarming to see rescuers, transport coordinators, rescues, coworkers, friends, family, transporters, shelter workers, and just general good people in the Knoxville community pull together to send good vibes, positive thoughts, and prayers her way.

I feel so very blessed to have gotten to know Christine over the last year or so. She drove several transports for BBR pups, and helped a great many of our babies along their way to forever families. As the transport coordinator for BBR, I had the opportunity to email with her and chat on the phone several times. For that I are forever grateful. I am still learning about just how many lives she has impacted along the way. Countless individuals have posted or remarked on how much she has touched their life; many who, like me, never had the opportunity to meet Christine in “real life”, but had the pleasure of getting to know her via email or phone from the transport routes. The fact that she had the opportunity to touch that many folks in such a short amount of time (& from afar) speaks volumes about the kind of person Christine was. Loving, gracious, giving — all around extraordinary. Her love for the animals she transported and fostered knew no limits. Her ability and willingness to go above and beyond for the pups in her care was exceptional.

Christine leaves behind a son named Scott. He is 23 years old and has had to make some incredibly difficult decisions for his mom over the last few weeks. Right now he is a young guy with a hurting heart who is, undoubtedly, still having to make big decisions. Can you join us in sending some extra love his way – a note about how amazing his mom was? A note just saying that you are thinking of him? Or perhaps even a note thanking him for sharing his mom with the rescue community?  If you’re so inclined, you can find Scott’s mailing address (and a blog about Christine’s journey) here: http://getwellchristinekimmins.blogspot.com

To each of you who prayed for Christine, who have sent notes & flowers her way, messaged Scott, sent positive thoughts — thank you. I fully believe that Christine was able to feel that outpouring of love from the rescue community; how could she not?

Would you also consider doing one small thing this week in honor of Christine? Maybe smile at a stranger on the sidewalk, feed a neighborhood kitty, make a small donation to your local animal shelter, spend some time loving on death-row pups in your area, rescue a special pup, volunteer to walk pups for your local rescue, etc. If we each do one of these small things then we will be one step closer to make this planet just a little nicer; a project I have to believe Christine was single-handedly spearheading.

Hugs to you, sweet Christine. We’re going to miss you.

Love, Courtney


5 Responses to “Our loss; heaven’s gain.”

  1. Deb Murphy Says:

    What a beautiful, and beautifully written, tribute for a woman who was clearly such a special person….

  2. Pat Holcomb Says:

    what a wonderful tribute to Christine. I’m sure everyone’s thoughts and prayers are with Scott. He had a wonderful role model and mother and I’m sure he will be missing her love and hugs.

  3. Connie Mullins Says:

    I pulled four dogs from the Meade County, KY (Brandenburg) Animal Shelter today. I already have 8 of their dogs here and I run an adoption program twice a month at the Orscheln Farm and Home Store in Radcliff for the shelter. So in honor of Christine and all folks who do what she did, I will always think of her (and you) when I pull. So happy to know people (like Christine) are out there saving animals. I salute her and you all!

  4. Kathy Dills Says:

    What a lovely tribute to Christine. Thank you for all your hard work and God bless you Scott, may your mother’s love shine from within. KaleidoscopeK9s will be pulling a senior fur-baby from death row tomorrow in honor of Christine.

  5. lennoxlaw Says:

    That is so sweet! I have recently lost 2 senior dogs . It’s heartbreaking. They are my life. I am single with no children just my sweet rescue dogs (the 4 I have left)….Roscoe and Butch went to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss them everyday. XoXoXo

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