The Many Faces of *Merle*


We just can’t understand why this absolutely gorgeous boy is still in foster care.

He is, in a word, amazing.

Merle is great with other dogs & kids.

He is a happy-go-lucky puppy who seems to love everyone he meets.

He is a lanky boy who is growing into his long legs & who will certainly make you laugh as he figures out how to use them.

Merle loves to go on long walks with his foster momma; he is helping her train for a big walk in just a few months!

Merle was very quick to pick up on good leash manners and is very friendly to people and dogs he meets while out and about.

Merle is just a super sweet boy.

He is learning his puppy basics in foster care and has already mastered “sit” and “snuggle”. Who wouldn’t want an on-command snuggle bug at their disposal?! 😉

Merle is a big time snuggler. His foster family invites him up to snuggle on the couch and bed sometimes, and it’s his favorite thing to do.

Merle is cratetrained and housebroken, up to date on age-appropriate vaccines, neutered & microchipped. The only thing this cutie is missing is a family of his own.

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Merle, email us for more information at

If you can’t adopt or foster this boy, but know someone who is in the market for a special pup — send them this link! We know Merle’s family is out there somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your help in crossposting to find Merle’s forever family.


One Response to “The Many Faces of *Merle*”

  1. Jan Dooley Says:

    He is simply stunning!!! And you neglected to add, he obviously excels at basketball!

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