What a weekend!


It’s official — we absolutely have the best volunteers on the planet!

78 of them (& counting), in fact.

Yup, you read that right.

SEVENTY-EIGHT incredible volunteers to helped move Bonnie Blue Rescue pups safely to their forever and/or foster families this weekend.

With the help of these amazing transporters, volunteers, foster parents, overnighters, and sending rescuers, a grand total of TWENTY-TWO Bonnie Blue Rescue pups hit the road this weekend!


Cricket, Wall-E, Eva, Jake,

Sophie, Fig, Flash, Fergie

Friar Tuck, Fonzi, Felix,

AND Macie, Cajun, Christopher, Rose & Tilly all met their forever families this weekend.

Does it get better than that? We think not!

And sweet Fritz, Cecelia, Collins, Chloe, Zoe & Gracie all made it safely to Bonnie Blue Rescue foster families.

We hope their forever families will find them soon!

For everyone who drove, fostered, overnighted, crossposted, sent good vibes and prayers for this transport — thank you! We appreciate you more than you could possibly know.

To those interested in learning about how to be a transport driver contact us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com — we’d love to tell you all about how our transport process works & we are always looking for new volunteers.


One Response to “What a weekend!”

  1. courtney Says:

    Cecelia is adapting well to her foster family in Richmond,va. She plays with toys, my dachsund and pom mix. she loves the back yard. and loves those kisses. going to start walking her soon in the neighborhood. good luck to Cricket in her new hom in Orange,Ct.
    courtney b

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