Rest in peace, sweet Jade.


Oh, Jade

You wiggled into our hearts the first time we met you and/or saw your photos.

Your scruffy face, sweet licks, and adorable gray/green eyes melted us.

We are heartbroken that we will not get to help you find your forever family on this side of heaven, sweet girl, but we are buoyed by the fact that you are now running free, healthy, and happy at Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, sweet baby.

*     *     *

The rest of our “Precious Gem” puppies are still fighting against parvo. Please consider making a small donation in memory of Jade to allow us to continue to provide them with the best possible care and treatment. We are doing everything we can to keep treatment costs low, but the bills are still adding up with 8 puppies exposed and being treated for parvo. Even the smallest donation makes a big difference to our small rescue.

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4 Responses to “Rest in peace, sweet Jade.”

  1. beeleevitonly Says:

    Rest in peace, sweet Jade. You look just like my beautiful Maceo in her baby pics. I am sad you did not get a chance to grow up with a loving family but glad you knew loving touches while you struggled to live.

  2. beeleevitonly Says:

    Rest in peace, sweet jade. You have part of my heart with you.

  3. Bonnie Beane Says:

    Been watching these pups thanks to you guys, so sad to see this a.m. that Jade has left this world. Bless you all for your efforts, today and every day.

  4. Bobbi Yarbrough Lee Says:

    so sad to hear about Jade, hope the rest of the pups are hanging in there and will make it through this battle. RIP precious Jade

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