Flash needs our help!


05/30/12 – 3:00pm Update: Our Flash guy is still hanging in there, but is also still a very sick pup. With mega doses of pheno & diazepam, his seizures stabilized last night. Unfortunately they started again today. Thankfully, his temperature is coming down (it had reached a high of 105 yesterday). We are praying for his treating neurologist to use his best judgement and to guide Glen, Therese & BBR in making the best decisions possible for the continued treatment of this sweet boy.

05/29/12 – 10:45pm Update: Flash is back at the neurologist’s office overnight. He is not yet stable. Despite very high doses if IV phenobarbital and diazepam, Flash is still seizing. We are beyond hopeful that the vets can get his seizures under control soon. Flash’s estimate for stabilization and overnight care tonight is $508. Please, please stabilize Flash — we need your little body to start healing, buddy! Extra prayers & well-wishes are definitely needed 😦

*     *     *

Meet Flash.

Flash is one of the Fuzzbutt puppies. He and his littermates were rescued from a high kill shelter in rural Louisiana. He was fostered in the same home as Fritz. Both Flash & Fritz received 3 rounds of DHPP vaccines prior to transport.  Flash was transported to his foster-to-adopt family the weekend before last. Prior to transport. Flash was a  totally healthy, happy pup.  He acted fine during transport, no loose stool or vomiting at all. Within 48 hours of arriving in his new home, Flash started getting sick with vomiting and diarrhea. From Monday, 5/21 until Sunday 5/27, Flash was tested for parvo 2 times; both came back negative. He was seen first by an ER vet, who administered subq fluids, antibiotics, anti-nausea meds and anti-diarrheal meds. He perked up for a day or so, but then felt crummy again.

Flash was taken back to the regular vet where he stayed for two days – he was given IV fluids, continued on antibiotics and anti-nausea/anti-diarrheal meds; his loose diagnosis was a bacterial infection, but nothing definitive. Flash started feeling much better and got to head home.

Towards the end of last week Flash started having excessive drooling, facial drooping and seizures. He was seen by a veterinary neurologist and had tons of blood work and an abdominal ultrasound done. He stayed there for three days to get his seizures mostly under control (he still was having minor seizures, but not major ones). We have ruled out parvo, distemper, and various other diseases but still lack a definitive diagnosis.

Thankfully, Flash has been at home with his family for the last two days – living the good life snuggling with his foster-to-adopt mom & dad.

We just got an update from Flash’s dad that he is having back-to-back seizures again.

His family is rushing him back to the vet now. We are hopeful that the new seizures are caused by the oral phenobarbital not being “in” is system enough yet (while the IV pheno is wearing off). But we honestly don’t know what is going on with this sweet boy.

We really hope the vets can figure it out this time.

Flash is a very sick pup who is in great need of prayers, well wishes, and good positive vibes.

He has a family who SO adores him & just wants their puppy to get better.

He has a whole rescue community behind him who has loved his fuzzy face since we first saw it — we want this puppy to get better, too.

Flash’s vet bills before today total $3539.09. I really wish we were kidding. We’re not.

Copies of Flash’s vet bills from the last week can be found below.

Neurologist bill: http://bit.ly/MWiixe

Primary veterinarian bill: http://bit.ly/LD2Qkp

Emergency vet bill: http://bit.ly/JThS4i

We do not yet have an estimate on Flash’s treatment today, but both the neurologist and regular vet are recommending that he go back to the neurologist’s office ASAP. He is on his way now with his family. We will post new estimate’s for today’s treatment once they are received.

Posting this fundraiser could not come at a worse possible time, but the reality of the situation is that things are stacking up against Bonnie Blue Rescue this week. We are overwhelmed financially, but we are committed to seeing our pups through no matter what.

Please help us stay afloat by considering even a small donation for Flash’s impressive vet bill. Every single donation matters, no matter the amount. Our rescue is sinking fast in vet bills, but we are desperate to make sure that each of our sick pups continues to receive the very best care possible.

Donations can be made online via Chipin here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/flashs-emergency-care

If you would prefer mailing in a donation please email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com for the best mailing address.

And, as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support of Bonnie Blue Rescue and our special pups.


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