Amber & Precious Gems Update


As most of you already know, 5 of our Precious Gems have already crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Jade, Coral, Ruby, Jasper & Peridot are still so loved & absolutely not forgotten.

The 3 Precious Gems who have made it – Micah, Sapphire & Amber – are tough, sweet, spunky babies.

Micah and Sapphire are totally back to normal – racing around their foster home, getting into trouble, and eating/drinking/pooping normally. Thank Heavens!

Miss Amber is still a bit puny, but we definitely feel as if she has been on the mend, too.

Amber went to the vet for a checkup today as she had developed some upper respiratory symptoms that she just couldn’t kick, even with the mega doses of antibiotics that she has been on through parvo treatment. Our primary concern was that she might have an upper respiratory infection and we did not want it to develop into pneumonia.

A check by the primary vet and an x-ray & EKG confirmed that Amber does not have pneumonia. Unfortunately, it appears that she has a dysrythmia called a heart block (this means that her heart skips a beat). This type of heart failure is often a side effect of parvo in young puppies (Jade & Ruby also had symptoms of heart failure before they passed). In Amber’s case, the top of the heart beats but the bottom (which is what does the blood pumping) does not work as well. This makes her heart really inefficient.

{Amber’s x-ray from today}

Unfortunately Amber’s case is not exactly cut-and-dry. We talked about the option of going ahead and having her humanely euthanized, but the truth is that she feels so much better that she has in the last few days. She is bright, happy, sitting up and walking on her own, wagging her little tail, eating, drinking and even pooping normally. There is a chance that despite our best efforts, we will still lose this little girl. But there is also a chance that she could live.

{results from Amber’s EKG today}

Amber might need heart meds for the rest of her life, but we feel certain that we can find an extra special home for this extra special girl if she can get past this. After speaking with the vet and her treating foster we made the decision to go ahead and give this baby girl a chance. She is starting on some heart meds today (vetmedin & benazepril) to help make hear heart more efficient, and is also on a stronger antibiotic.

We are close to our goal on the Precious Gem puppy’s ChipIn, and are so thankful to Saige and her vet for working with us to be able to treat this entire litter at a SIGNIFICANT discount. Actually, thankful doesn’t even begin to explain how we feel — humbled & overwhelmed with gratefulness is more like it.

If you’re interested in donating directly to Amber, Micah or Sapphire’s continued care – you can do so via their chipin here:

Donations can also be mailed in – just email us at for our snail mail address.

& THANK YOU: to each of you who have prayed for, sent positive vibes for, donated to, or asked about these babies – thank you! We are so thankful to have been able to bring this litter into rescue and to love on them as much as possible before they came down with parvo. Even when sick, we feel thankful to have been able to provide the best possible care to each of them thanks to your donations. Again, thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel. But thank you!


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