Adopt Happiness


A good general life slogan, no? We think so too!

When our rock star friend (& transporter & foster momma), Ashley, approached us about selling t-shirts through Bonfire Funds — we were totally intrigued! Ashley worked directly with Bonfire Funds to create this amazing t-shirt:

Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s how it works. Each t-shirt can be purchased for $25. $15 of that $15 goes directly back to Bonnie Blue Rescue! The other $10 goes to pay for the t-shirt, printing, and staffing for the folks at Bonfire Funds. We have looked at all sorts of different t-shirt options over the years, but this is the best we’ve ever found & the t-shirt quality is awesome. Yay!

Each fund has a “fund batch goal” — for our fund this time around it’s 50 t-shirts. So we have 50 days to sell 50 t-shirts at $25/each. If we can hit that goal then our 50 friends who have pre-0rdered t-shirts will have their shirts shipped out & Bonnie Blue Rescue receives a check in the mail to help offset rescue expenses! Win-win!

You can learn more about our t-shirt, why Ashley chose to support Bonnie Blue Rescue & how to order one online here:



One Response to “Adopt Happiness”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Love love love it!!! Ashley rocks big time!!! 🙂

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