The reality of rescue is that not every day is a great day.

With that in mind, today has been a pretty frustrating one.

Many of you might remember a sweet girl named Big Momma who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Louisiana several months ago. Big Momma’s photos and story came to us via some hard core crossposting by two of our rock star rescue friends in Louisiana.

When we heard about this uber pregnant momma in need of rescue, we offered to take her and her soon-to-be little family in!

At the same time, Big Momma’s sweet photos caught the eye of a woman in Louisiana who wanted to foster Big Momma and her soon-to-be little bits. When she heard about Bonnie Blue Rescue’s interest in saving the entire family, this foster agreed to foster Big Momma’s puppies until they were old enough to come to rescue. After picking Big Momma up from the shelter the foster made it clear that she wanted to adopt Big Momma herself. This special pup made a big impact the moment she met her and totally melted her heart. Thought it wasn’t a typical rescue arrangement, we agreed. We knew that if this foster was going to foster Big Momma’s little bits for the next 8-10 weeks then she surely would be able to provide a wonderful forever home to their momma and would be able to have her vetted through her local vet once her pups were weaned instead of running her through our rescue program.

9 amazing little bits were born to Big Momma and they were CUTE.

We were so excited to bring these sweeties into rescue but they had to hang out in Louisiana for a few more weeks until they had several rounds of vaccines under their belts.

Unfortunately, our puppies started getting sick when they were just a few weeks old. Despite multiple rounds of deworming, they were still chock-full of worms and had coccidia. Not fun. Little Boy Blue was the sickest pup in this litter — he was unable to bounce back from his severe dehydration & worms despite several days of 24/7 care at the vet clinic — a loss that is still as devastating now as it was three months ago. Several rounds of vet visits later, the remaining 8 pups in the litter started bouncing back. Thank goodness!

After several more weeks in foster care, Big Momma’s pups start heading north to foster and forever families. You may have seen a few of these cuties along our transport route – Zoe, Macie, Gracie, Chloe, Gus, Rufus, Cledus & Billy Ray are all Big Momma’s babies (now all grown up!).

They have each turned out to be just amazing dogs.

In the meantime, Big Momma was spayed, happy, and healthy in her forever home. Totally adored.

Yesterday we received a message from the pups original foster in Louisiana asking if we would be interested in taking Big Momma into rescue. We were told that family circumstances have changed and that they are no longer able to keep her. Though intake does not officially reopen until July 1, we knew that we could not leave this special pup hanging — especially when we had initially planned to bring Big Momma + her pups into rescue in the first place!

We agree to take Big Momma into rescue and confirm that she is heartworm negative and vaccinated. During the course of that conversation we also learn that Big Momma has not yet been spayed. We arrange for her to get into the vet today to be spayed so that we can help this sweet girl get one step closer to finding her forever family.

Unfortunately, Big Momma’s vet appointment today did not go as planned. Calls to her original vet turned up no prior vaccine history or heartworm test. In fact, they say that they have never seen her before. Ugh. Our vet went ahead and administered vaccines and performed a heartworm test. Big Momma is HEAVY heartworm positive. In addition, her should-have-been-routine spay surgery is anything but routine. Big Momma’s uterus is ripped and torn and literally rotting/infected. She was in bad shape but thanks to two of the amazing vets at Lindsay Vet Big Momma made it through surgery well.

What can we say? We’re mad. Frustrated. In disbelief. Had Big Momma come into our foster care program as planned she likely would have been with a wonderful forever family by now – heartworm free, spayed, and living the life with her family this summer. Instead, she will spend the next 6-8 weeks going through heartworm treatment and living in a foster home. We can’t help but be frustrated about the misinformation we received and even more frustrated in knowing what this darling girl has been missing out on the last five months. We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure that Big Momma gets all of the medical care she needs AND finds the most amazing forever family. She deserves nothing less.

Our vet in Louisiana is working with us on the cost of Big Momma’s extensive surgery today and upcoming heartworm treatment. Treatment costs are set at $275 and her spay surgery & internal repairs today were $200. We are setting up a chipin to help offset some of this sweet girl’s medical bills. Thankfully, Big Momma has found a solid foster momma in Louisiana who will take wonderful care of her through heartworm treatment and recovery from surgery and we hope to be able to place this sweet girl up for adoption in August.

In the meantime, would you consider chipping in a dollar or two to help offset the cost of Big Momma’s heartworm treatment and spay/repair surgery? Donations can be made online via ChipIn here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/big-mommas-heartworm-treatment-and-surgery

As always, thank you for continued support to Bonnie Blue Rescue & the sweet pups that we work to save.


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