**Happy Update: Snoops has a retirement home lined up in MD & will be moving there next weekend. HUGE THANK YOU’S to each of you who shared his story. He is going to get to live out the rest of his days totally loved & totally adored. Thanks for helping make that possible! **

This is Snoops.

He is an ~15-year old Shih-tzu boy who was dumped by his owners at a super high-kill shelter in Georgia.

Reason for dropping him off? “He’s old”.


Snoops is actually in great health for a 15-year old pup.

He is happy and sweet. Snoops is a super easy keeper. He loves to snuggle, nap, and eat!

Snoops is looking for a Bonnie Blue Rescue Retirement Home!

What does it mean to be a BBR retirement home? What’s involved? We are just looking for a family with a ton of love to give. A family who realizes that this super sweet senior boy still has so much love and goodness to share. You share the love; we pick up his medical bills. Yup! Bonnie Blue Rescue will cover Snoops’ medical bills for the remainder of his life if he is in a BBR Retirement Home. We realize that a 15-year old Shih-tzu boy probably isn’t the most adoptable … but we also know that he does not deserve to die in a shelter.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to open their hearts and homes to our old man?

Email us at


3 Responses to “Snoops”

  1. Wendy Says:

    He’s soooooooo ADORABLE!! Does he get along with other dogs…cats? Where is he now? Is he house trained and how much to adopt him?

  2. Michelle Says:


  3. Amy Hamilton Says:

    What an awesome family in MD to take in Snoops. It will be very rewarding for both Snoops and them. Wishing Snoops all the best in his new home.

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