Momma Maia & The Greek Pups — SPONSORS NEEDED!


Update: Only two partial sponsorships ($25 each) left for Zeus!

When we last saw Momma Maia (f/k/a Duchess) & her puppies they looked like this:

Now these sweet little pups are 4 weeks old.

The babies are busy little bees and look more like this:

What a difference two weeks makes!

We feel so thankful that we were able to work together with the awesome shelter director to get this sweet family out of the shelter and into a short-term foster home! Babies should never grow up in shelters!

Thanks to the generosity of two amazing short-term foster mommas these cuties are SAFE

& this darling family will be moving north to rescue in just a few short weeks!

As many of you know, we try to give each new litter a theme. One of our awesome BBR supporters dubbed this sweet momma, Maia (pronounced Maya), after the Maia in Greek Mythology who was Hermes’ mother. With this in mind – this cute litter will be “The Greek Pups” named after Greek gods & goddesses.

Puppy sponsors needed!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care for a litter of cuties (& we have three litters in rescue right now – oh my!), we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per pup. Sponsors will get to name their pup from the Greek gods/goddesses list (we’ll email it to you!), will receive a minimum of three updates while their sponsor pup is in foster care, and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted & a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted!

**Please note that there is the option for 1 full sponsor OR 4 partial sponsors for each pup!**

If you are interested in sponsoring of these pups, please email us at and indicate your preferred sponsorship level. We will update this blog post as individual pups are sponsored {& named}.

***Momma Maia & the Greek Puppies***

Momma Maia — Sponsored by The Berkenstock Family!

*     *     *

Apollo (f/k/a male #1) – Sponsored by Lauren!

*     *     *

Hermes (f/k/a male #2) – Sponsored by the Dillard Family!

*      *     *

Hyperion (f/k/a male #3) – Sponsored by Barbara!

*this little cutie pie is blind*

*     *     *

Eros (f/k/a male #4)- Sponsored by Chris K!

*     *     *

Zeus (f/k/a male #5) – Sponsored by Stacey & Jim

**2 partial sponsorships still available**

*     *     *

Rhea (f/k/a female #1) – Sponsored by Sheri!

*     *     *

Thank you, thank you for your continued support of our rescue efforts.

Simply put, rescue would not be possible without our amazing volunteers, sponsors, supporters & friends.


2 Responses to “Momma Maia & The Greek Pups — SPONSORS NEEDED!”

  1. shannon colley Says:

    we are in Nc were is this resuce these pups are beautiful

  2. Christina Williams Says:

    If we sponsor a pup, would it also be possible to adopt the puppy when she is ready? I love the little girl!

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