Meet The Kardashians {no, not THOSE Kardashians}


These three gorgeous girls were rescued from a dumpster site by our awesome rescue friend, Jen!

We agreed to take them in to our Bonnie Blue Rescue foster care program & to help them find amazing homes.

These cute girls have spent the last few weeks getting the hang of being indoor dogs — and they love it! They are learning all about cratetraining and housebreaking. They are each great with other dogs, cats, and have even been exposed to horses & cattle.

The vet thinks they are definitely littermates and are right around 1 year old. We think they are Catahoula Leopard Dog/Terrier mixes (best guess!). This means these cuties are full grown at 25-30 lbs. The perfect size for any family!

*     *     *


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Email us at for more information on adopting Kourtney, Kim or Khloe!


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