Daisy’s babies need our help!


Note: We have ended this fundraiser & are covering the remaining $932 needed for their treatment out of our Bonnie Blue Rescue Emergency Fund. Sadly, this has fully depleted our BBR ER Fund. :/

Our tiny cuties are so, so sick. They were exposed to parvo in their foster home when another shelter pup broke with it. Their foster mom did all that she could to keep them safe & healthy, but three tiny cuties from this litter died last week. 😦

We moved the remaining three pups & their friend Kalli (single pup pulled from the same shelter for BBR) to our full-service vet in West Monroe, LA. We knew that they would get the best care possible there. The babies spent all weekend at Cooper Vet getting fluids, meds & special care as needed. They were moved to a new foster home yesterday but our little guy, Silverado, we down hill again quickly.

Silverado is back at the vet clinic today for hospitalization. When his bloodwork was done today his Hct was at 12.5% which means that his red blood cell volume was been depleted (likely from fluid therapy for dehydration). Silverado is getting a blood transfusion now & will be monitored very carefully over the next few days. We are also keeping a very close eye on his sisters Ariel & Esmerelda!

Our bills from the last week total $1092.82 & counting. We want to continue providing them with the best care possible & will do whatever we can to save them. Would you consider chipping in a few dollars to help offset our vet costs on these babies? We would appreciate it more than you know.

Donations can be made online via Chipin here: http://bonniebluerescue.chipin.com/momma-daisys-sick-babies (click the link to the right that says ‘ChipIn!’) or by calling in a donation to Cooper Vet Clinic (under the account of Bonnie Blue Rescue) at: 318.396.8099.

Updates on Silverado, Ariel, Esmerelda & Kalli (their “bonus” littermate) will be posted on our BBR blog here: https://bonniebluerescue.wordpress.com




4 Responses to “Daisy’s babies need our help!”

  1. lisa Says:

    Thank Yall

  2. courtney Says:

    get well baby pups god will bless you with puppy wings
    hope they can be saved.

  3. Jessica Reed Says:

    This is so sad. 😦 I just found Ariel on petfinder. Sending get well wishes their way!

  4. abita1 Says:

    I’m a grandma again. I’m so happy that our son, John, is a new father. Welcome, Olas (Silverado).

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