Cowboy Update — Out of Surgery!


A quick update from Cowboy’s foster momma:

Cowboy is out of surgery & he did well. His anatomy once getting in there was a little more oddly shaped than how it appeared on xray. Dr. Murphy had to create a new groove in the femur where the patella sits in order to line the quadraceps muscle with the tibial crest. We are hoping for good function and we will be able to determine more of the function of his leg throughout the recovery process. We do expect Cowboy to have a full recovery and will be able to enjoy regular activities, we just do not know at this point if he will have a limp/altered gait.

Cowboy will spend a few days at the vet clinic being monitored closely post-surgery but should be able to go back home with his foster family this weekend!

Cowboy video here (watch for his tail wag!):

One more GIANT thank you to each of you who helped us get sweet Cowboy to and through surgery today. We are so incredibly appreciative of all that you do to support our rescue babies!


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