Sponsor’s needed for Zinnia’s Garden


Zinnia was alone, scared and pregnant at a high kill shelter in West Virginia. Thanks to a lot of help from a lot of volunteers she made it safely to CT! In CT she has been safely tucked away in a guest bedroom at her foster mom’s house and there she gave birth to her Garden 🙂

Puppy Sponsors needed!!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care of a litter we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per puppy. Sponsors will get to name their pup (please choose a name that is “something you would find in Zinnia’s Garden”). You will receive a minimum of 3 updates while your sponsored pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo once your sponsored puppy is adopted and a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo once their sponsor pup is adopted!

*** Please not there is the option for one full sponsorship & two partial sponsorship’s per pup!***************

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these pups please email us at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com and indicated your preferred sponsorship level.

Zinnia & her Garden!

Momma Zinnia:


Sponsored by Mike & Michelle Couch! Thank you!! Meet our own sweet Freesia:


Huckleberry sponsored by : Sibyl Marshall Thank you!!


Blue male:Image

Sponsored by Angie Smith & Sheri Snyder! Thank you! Please meet Parsley:

SImageGreen 1 female:ImageGreen female:Image

Sprout Sponsored by Lisa Leidig! Thank you!

ImageAlthea – Sponsored by Alison Birks! Image


2 Responses to “Sponsor’s needed for Zinnia’s Garden”

  1. Lisa Leidig Says:

    We will sponsor one of the pups!
    Lisa Leidig

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