Do you remember cute-as-a-button Donovan?  He is a Plott Hound/Lab mix pup.  He was the spunky little puppy that was found St. Patrick’s Day 2012 at only 4-5 weeks of age snuggled up to his momma who had been struck and killed by a car.  This little guy is a survivor!


Bonnie Blue Rescue brought this little guy into the rescue and found him a wonderful home in May of 2012 in Connecticut after a couple months in foster care.


His new family named him Henry and we thought he had found his happily ever after.


Through no fault of his own, Henry, has found himself back with Bonnie Blue Rescue.  He needs a new, loving home to call his own.  He is a high energy, but incredibly loving teenager.  Henry needs an active family that can set consistent boundaries as he is a punk (but a cute punk!) that tries to push the rules to get his way.  With some continuous reinforcement he is going to be a great dog!  He just needs someone that can give him all the love he so clearly deserves.


Please send Bonnie Blue Rescue a quick email at bonniebluerescue@gmail.com if you are interested in fostering or adopting this hunk of love!  Click here to apply to adopt Henry!


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