Bonnie Blue Rescue is a 501(c)3 pending animal rescue group based out of Richmond, Virginia. You can find out more information about our rescue group online at http://www.bonniebluerescue.com and see our adoptable dogs online at http://www.bonniebluerescue.petfinder.com


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Trish Says:

    How is Lexie

  2. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. beth allen Says:

    trying to get to the online application to foster/adopt Biscuit, but have been unable to do so. spoke w/ Courtney in Forest Hill Park yesterday. please email me at above at your earliest convenience.

    thanks for your time-

    beth allen

  4. Catherine Says:

    Hi there! Sent you an email a few days ago – referred to you by Caroline at Wag in Hendersonville, NC – looking to adopt catahoula or catahoula mix female puppy for a farm lifestyle. Kit kat might fit the bill! Please contact me – we are having trouble with breeders, etc. not being very helpful and would rather rescue a puppy anyway.

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Hi there! We found two catahoula puppies in our neighborhood who appear to have been dumped. It’s a brother/sister team, and they have all up to date vet records. They could not be more intelligent, playful, and sweet. We are trying to find them the best long term home situation possible, and they are going to make one family very happy! If interested in adoption, please email at LittleGirlLittleBoyPuppies@gmail.com

  5. elisabeth niemann Says:

    Heloo could someone contact me about a 6 month old puppy rescued from a WV shelter I believe he may be a catahoula/aussie mix even though he was listed as an aussie mix. Thank you Elisabeth

    • Elizabeth Says:

      Hi! We had two catahoula (maybe some Aussie mixed in) babies dumped in Our neighborhood. It’s a little girl/little boy team, and they could not be better dogs. The vet told us they were in great health, and we are on the search to find them the best home ever! If you’re interested, they have a Facebook and YouTube page. (pretty tech savvy for being so young!). Their email is LittleGirlLittleBoyPuppies@gmail.com.

  6. alexis kelly Says:

    Hi, I am extremely interested in Avery and would like to provide an application, fees, and references as soon as possible. My family and I have been looking for a ausie and dane mix! If you could email me at your earliest convience! We would be honored to have her join our growing family and give her constant spoiling and love :). Our weim is also looking forward to a playmate! Thanks and God Bless!

  7. Brock klich Says:

    John Allen suggested I contact you. I represent the Jessica Beath foundation. I can help you. Have someone call me at 804-874-4880. I can be reached after 10 am on Thursday. leave a message then try back if you get voice mail. I can be hard to reach.


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