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Kourtney {Kardashian}

December 8, 2012

Gorgeous Kourtney is ready to meet her forever family.


Can you share this post on facebook? Via email? Send her photo to a friend or family member? We know that there is a special family out there waiting for this girl — we just need YOUR HELP to find them!


Kourtney is a gorgeous 1 year old Catahoula/Terrier mix.


She is full grown at 32 lbs!


Kourtney is incredibly social and very, very sweet!


She loves to snuggle, play, and sniff the Christmas tree!


Can you help this tiny little cutie find her forever family? She would be so appreciative!


For more information email us at




June 28, 2012

The reality of rescue is that not every day is a great day.

With that in mind, today has been a pretty frustrating one.

Many of you might remember a sweet girl named Big Momma who was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Louisiana several months ago. Big Momma’s photos and story came to us via some hard core crossposting by two of our rock star rescue friends in Louisiana.

When we heard about this uber pregnant momma in need of rescue, we offered to take her and her soon-to-be little family in!

At the same time, Big Momma’s sweet photos caught the eye of a woman in Louisiana who wanted to foster Big Momma and her soon-to-be little bits. When she heard about Bonnie Blue Rescue’s interest in saving the entire family, this foster agreed to foster Big Momma’s puppies until they were old enough to come to rescue. After picking Big Momma up from the shelter the foster made it clear that she wanted to adopt Big Momma herself. This special pup made a big impact the moment she met her and totally melted her heart. Thought it wasn’t a typical rescue arrangement, we agreed. We knew that if this foster was going to foster Big Momma’s little bits for the next 8-10 weeks then she surely would be able to provide a wonderful forever home to their momma and would be able to have her vetted through her local vet once her pups were weaned instead of running her through our rescue program.

9 amazing little bits were born to Big Momma and they were CUTE.

We were so excited to bring these sweeties into rescue but they had to hang out in Louisiana for a few more weeks until they had several rounds of vaccines under their belts.

Unfortunately, our puppies started getting sick when they were just a few weeks old. Despite multiple rounds of deworming, they were still chock-full of worms and had coccidia. Not fun. Little Boy Blue was the sickest pup in this litter — he was unable to bounce back from his severe dehydration & worms despite several days of 24/7 care at the vet clinic — a loss that is still as devastating now as it was three months ago. Several rounds of vet visits later, the remaining 8 pups in the litter started bouncing back. Thank goodness!

After several more weeks in foster care, Big Momma’s pups start heading north to foster and forever families. You may have seen a few of these cuties along our transport route – Zoe, Macie, Gracie, Chloe, Gus, Rufus, Cledus & Billy Ray are all Big Momma’s babies (now all grown up!).

They have each turned out to be just amazing dogs.

In the meantime, Big Momma was spayed, happy, and healthy in her forever home. Totally adored.

Yesterday we received a message from the pups original foster in Louisiana asking if we would be interested in taking Big Momma into rescue. We were told that family circumstances have changed and that they are no longer able to keep her. Though intake does not officially reopen until July 1, we knew that we could not leave this special pup hanging — especially when we had initially planned to bring Big Momma + her pups into rescue in the first place!

We agree to take Big Momma into rescue and confirm that she is heartworm negative and vaccinated. During the course of that conversation we also learn that Big Momma has not yet been spayed. We arrange for her to get into the vet today to be spayed so that we can help this sweet girl get one step closer to finding her forever family.

Unfortunately, Big Momma’s vet appointment today did not go as planned. Calls to her original vet turned up no prior vaccine history or heartworm test. In fact, they say that they have never seen her before. Ugh. Our vet went ahead and administered vaccines and performed a heartworm test. Big Momma is HEAVY heartworm positive. In addition, her should-have-been-routine spay surgery is anything but routine. Big Momma’s uterus is ripped and torn and literally rotting/infected. She was in bad shape but thanks to two of the amazing vets at Lindsay Vet Big Momma made it through surgery well.

What can we say? We’re mad. Frustrated. In disbelief. Had Big Momma come into our foster care program as planned she likely would have been with a wonderful forever family by now – heartworm free, spayed, and living the life with her family this summer. Instead, she will spend the next 6-8 weeks going through heartworm treatment and living in a foster home. We can’t help but be frustrated about the misinformation we received and even more frustrated in knowing what this darling girl has been missing out on the last five months. We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure that Big Momma gets all of the medical care she needs AND finds the most amazing forever family. She deserves nothing less.

Our vet in Louisiana is working with us on the cost of Big Momma’s extensive surgery today and upcoming heartworm treatment. Treatment costs are set at $275 and her spay surgery & internal repairs today were $200. We are setting up a chipin to help offset some of this sweet girl’s medical bills. Thankfully, Big Momma has found a solid foster momma in Louisiana who will take wonderful care of her through heartworm treatment and recovery from surgery and we hope to be able to place this sweet girl up for adoption in August.

In the meantime, would you consider chipping in a dollar or two to help offset the cost of Big Momma’s heartworm treatment and spay/repair surgery? Donations can be made online via ChipIn here:

As always, thank you for continued support to Bonnie Blue Rescue & the sweet pups that we work to save.

Micah & Sapphire (Precious Gems Litter) Update!

June 27, 2012

Sweet Micah & Sapphire went in for a checkup today & got a great bill of health!

Their vaccines are boostered, they have been dewormed again and next weekend … they will get to head north to foster homes. Woohoo!

Thought you all might enjoy seeing how BIG and healthy these babies are now.

Micah weighed in at 11 lbs and Sapphire weighed in at 12 lbs today!

Interested in fostering one of these cuties? Email us at for more info.

Happy Monday & an Amber update!!

June 25, 2012

Just a quick update to say that Miss Amber continues to do awesome in foster care!

She is almost housebroken and is working on learning all about crate training & good puppy manners.

Amber is still handling her heart meds well and we will try weaning her off of them in a few weeks.

She will have an updated EKG done then and provided all goes well, she will then be able to journey to her forever home (so forever family — hurry up & come find your girl!)

Cute video of the little miss playing here:

Once again, a huge thank you to each of you who donated, crossposted, shared, prayed for & send good vibes for our sweet Precious Gems pups.

We are so, so thankful to be able to share HAPPY updates these days!

Happy Monday!

Adopt Happiness

June 19, 2012

A good general life slogan, no? We think so too!

When our rock star friend (& transporter & foster momma), Ashley, approached us about selling t-shirts through Bonfire Funds — we were totally intrigued! Ashley worked directly with Bonfire Funds to create this amazing t-shirt:

Pretty cool, eh?

Here’s how it works. Each t-shirt can be purchased for $25. $15 of that $15 goes directly back to Bonnie Blue Rescue! The other $10 goes to pay for the t-shirt, printing, and staffing for the folks at Bonfire Funds. We have looked at all sorts of different t-shirt options over the years, but this is the best we’ve ever found & the t-shirt quality is awesome. Yay!

Each fund has a “fund batch goal” — for our fund this time around it’s 50 t-shirts. So we have 50 days to sell 50 t-shirts at $25/each. If we can hit that goal then our 50 friends who have pre-0rdered t-shirts will have their shirts shipped out & Bonnie Blue Rescue receives a check in the mail to help offset rescue expenses! Win-win!

You can learn more about our t-shirt, why Ashley chose to support Bonnie Blue Rescue & how to order one online here:


Sinking ship.

May 29, 2012

It’s officially the worst rescue week (or two weeks) that Bonnie Blue Rescue has ever have. So bad, in fact, that it’s hard to know where to start.

We love what we do – rescuing pups, fostering them, loving on them, putting families together – it’s the best.

But weeks like this really stop you in your tracks.

In the past week we have been hit with more emergency veterinary bills than ever before. All in one week. We are close to $10,000 in the hole overall; and this is before we factor in Fritz’s urgent care bills for the next few days AND Flash’s neurologist emergency care bills from tonight/tomorrow. We have no idea how we are going to make that amount up. Even on our best fundraising days, that is an incredible amount to have to raise.

It is likely that our rescue will never be able to bounce back from these devastating veterinary bills.

We hope to be able to pay off our substantial debts and bring more dogs into rescue again one day, but for now we have to focus on fundraising for the pups that we have already committed to and doing whatever we can to get them healthy.

We are shutting down intake at Bonnie Blue Rescue indefinitely.

We will not be pulling any additional dogs for rescue, taking in any owner surrenders, or assisting other rescues by taking on their dogs. We will, of course, stand by the dogs were currently have in rescue and continue to working on rehoming, fostering, and finding the best fit for each of the pups currently in rescue. Over the last two years, we have averaged rescuing 18-20 dogs per month. It is devastating to realize that that many pups per month will not make it out of the shelter while we work on fundraising for our emergency bills.  Heartbroken doesn’t begin to explain how we feel.

If you are interested in chipping in, our most urgent needs are assistance with Flash & Fritz’s emergency vet care. Both boys are currently in round-the-clock care; Fritz with parvo and Flash with seizures that are not stopping.

Flash’s ChipIn:

Fritz’s ChipIn:

If you would like more information about each of our pups & what’s going on with them — please keep reading.

The most recent updates on each of these pups will be found on their individual ChipIn pages above or on our blog at

*     *     *

It might be easier to break it down by pup to explain just how crazy our week has been:

Zoe was transported to CT to her new rock star foster mom just last week. Though it had been almost a week since her spay surgery, her foster mom noticed that she was not healing well. A trip to the vet determined that she needed surgery the next day. Her internal sutures were infected and she needed to have them removed; infected tissue from her spay surgery had to be cut away. Even with our rescue discount, Zoe’s bill was $251.47. Zoe & Patches have a join ChipIn here:

Patches has been living the good life in foster care. He even has an adoptive family who is so anxious to bring him home. This past weekend during his last weekend at home with his foster family, Patches got into a hive of yellow jackets. His face started swelling immediately and vomiting started right after. His foster family rushed him to the ER vet, but they had to run a CBC and Lyme panel before they could treat him as his lymph nodes were very swollen and his temp was very high. The swollen lymph nodes could just be from the shock of multiple stings, or could be a tick-borne disease. Unfortunately, we were told that that determination greatly affects the treatment plan so he had to wait for those results to come in. CBC looks normal, lyme panel looks normal & lymph swelling likely just due to multiple stings. Patches is finally on the mend and went home that night. Patches ER vet visit cost $339. Patches & Zoe have a joint ChipIn set up here:

Flash is one of the Fuzzbutt pups. He was transported north to MD to meet his foster-to-adopt family this past weekend. They were so excited to bring this cute guy home that they drove an extra 4 hours just to pick him up a day early. Within 48 hours of his arrival, Flash was a very sick pup. Vomiting and diarrhea started first and just a general feeling of “yuck”. He was take to the foster-to-adopt family’s ER in MD to get checked out and was treated with antibiotics, subq fluids and anti-nausea meds. His parvo test was negative and his poop was too watery to get a clear fecal sample. He came home from the ER vet that night, but felt crummy enough the next day that he went back to the regular vet for another checkup. Flash spent the next night at the regular vet on IV fluids, antibiotics, etc. The regular vet determined that it was likely just a virus/bacterial infection that had to run its course. Flash went home the next day and was back to being a normal, playful puppy. One day later, Flash started having violent seizures complete with facial weakness and excessive drooling. Understandably, his family was very concerned. A call into their vet had Flash on the road to a neurologist that morning.  Though countless tests have been run, the vets still have no idea what might be causing the seizures other than the initial virus/viral infection. Thankfully, the seizures had subsided considerably since Friday. Flash was sent back home on Sunday. We got a message from his foster-to-adopt dad a few hours ago – Flash’s seizures are back and they are almost continuous right now. He is currently at the emergency vet/neurologists office and they are working rapidly to stabilize Flash. His estimate for stabilization and overnight care is $508. Flash’s vet bills from the last week have been $409 to the ER vet, $951.81 to primary vet, and $2178.28 to the veterinary neurologist – totaling $4047.09. Flash has an individual ChipIn set up here:

Fritz is one of the Fuzzbutt puppies who was fostered in the same home as Flash. Fritz has been digging his time in foster care in CT, meeting lots of fun people and pups to play with. A couple of days ago, Fritz started feeling a little puny but after dewormer, metronidazole and a gentler food he perked right up! Fritz felt pretty sick again on Friday, so we got him into the vet for a general check up. Subq fluids and metronidazole worked wonders and he was back to 100% normal on Saturday. By Sunday he was much worse and was admitted to the ER vet. He stay there for two nights and then moved to another 24/7 vet clinic today. To date our bills for Fritz are $1600 for Sunday/Monday & an additional $1500-2000 per 24 hour period that he is there. Fritz has an individual ChipIn set up here:

We wish that this was the end of our “bad week”, but it’s not. 😦

One of our very special adopted pups, the Duke of Cadbury, passed away very unexpectedly over the weekend. His family is just devastated, and our hearts are broken with them. We are so thankful that he found his forever family and got to spend a few amazing months with them before crossing over Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, sweet Duke boy.

Sweet Tootsie from Louisiana came down unexpectedly with distemper this weekend, she was humanely euthanized over the weekend. We are crushed for her foster family and the adoptive family who will never get to meet this extra special girl, but we are so, so thankful that she got to spend three weeks in foster care learning all about being LOVED.

Several other BBR pups in Louisiana are showing upper respiratory symptoms. We are beyond hopeful that it’s something as simple as kennel cough, but are getting each of them in for distemper testing this week. We cannot take any risks.

We have said goodbye to Jade, Coral, Ruby, Jasper & Peridot, 5 of our Precious Gem puppies over the last week. Thankfully the other 3 pups from this litter seem to be really on the mend. They are walking around, playful and are starting to eat again. Yay!

Don’t get us wrong – good things are happening, too. We’ve made some amazing puppy placements over the last few weeks & we have even more pups heading to forever homes this weekend. We have shy pups who have come out of their shells this week, dogs finishing heartworm treatment and feeling great, and sick puppies who are finally starting to bounce back. We try to focus on the good as much as we can, but this bad week has really beaten us down.

I think I can speak for most everyone with Bonnie Blue Rescue when I say that we don’t want to end on this note. We love rescue – we love what we do. But financially, we cannot keep it up like this. Can you help us dig out from under this enormous emergency vet bill debt? Donations of any amount are always greatly appreciated. If you’d prefer mailing in a check to snail mail, just email us at and we’ll send our mailing address your way.

And please, consider sharing our story, blog post or facebook post with family, friends & coworkers. You would be amazed to know how much of an impact crossposting really makes. Thank you in advance for your continued support and willingness to help us get the word out on our super sick pups.

Foster families needed {for super cute pups!}

April 11, 2012

It’s puppy season and that means that we are in desperate need of puppy fosters! We have 3 separate litters of puppies coming to rescue in the next few weeks and could really use your help! Most puppy fosters are very short-term commitments (3-4 weeks max) & we can absolutely work around fosters who may only be able to foster for 1-2 weeks. We often have a need just for short-term weeklong layovers for our pups, so don’t hesitate to volunteer even if you can only help short-term.

If you are interested in fostering one of these cuties please go online to and fill out our foster home application. If you already have a foster application on file or have fostered for us before, just email us at and let us know you’d like to foster.

We would LOVE to work with you to find a good foster puppy match for your home!


*     *     *

{Piper, 1.5-2 year old black lab female, sweet, great with other dogs, mellow but playful}

Foster found – thanks, Niki!

*     *     *

{April, 4 mo old catahoula leopard mix — totally darling, playful & sweet w/ a bobbed tail!}

Foster found – thanks Heather!

*     *     *

{Mia, 12 week old female lab puppy — 20 pounds of lab puppy perfection!}

Found foster – thanks, Kate!

*     *     *

{Muffin, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix male}

Foster found – thanks Diane & Ken!

*     *     *

{Rosie, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix female}

Foster found – thanks Stacey & Jim!

*     *     *

{Happy, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix male}

Foster found – thanks, Leah!

*     *     *

{Merle, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix male}


*     *     *

{Spring, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix female}

Foster found – thanks, Eric & Carrie!

*     *     *

{Patches, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix male}

Foster found – thanks, Janet & WR!

*     *     *

{Waylon, 10 week catahoula leopard mix male}

Foster found – thanks, Katie & Robert!

*     *     *

{Bobby, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix male}

Foster found – thanks, Jennifer!

*     *     *

{Sophie, 10 week old catahoula leopard mix female — the runt! 2.5 lbs!}

Foster found – thanks, Lisa!

*     *     *

{Ricky, 10 week old catahoula leopard male}

Foster found – thanks, Peggy!

*     *     *

But wait … there’s more!

We have EIGHT other darling babies who need foster families starting in the next 2 weeks too!

Eeek! It’s a Catahoula puppypalooza!

(a houlapalooza?)

*     *     *

Photos of these cuties coming ASAP.

Crossposting & sharing of this page is greatly appreciated!!

The more fosters we have the more pups we can save.

& we’re back {again}

April 8, 2012

Hi, friends!

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since we’ve posted, I know.

The good news is that we have been BUSY with Bonnie Blue Rescue stuff lately — and I mean *B-U-S-Y*!

There have been a whole lot of great things happening over the last few weeks (and hopefully over the next few months) & we are so excited to share them with you!

A quick rundown & then we’ll try to get back to more regular posting:

  • Rose’s 10 rosebuds are almost ready for their forever families! Check them out on our Petfinder page at
  • Rose journeyed to AL this past weekend — she starts heartworm treatment in the next week & then she will be ready for her forever family in 6-8 weeks – woohoo! This baby girl has come a long way!
  • We took in a super cool husky named Isis — she is enjoying the good life in CT with her foster mom & learning the ropes about being an indoor, adored member of the family. If her foster mom doesn’t fall in love, she’ll be up for adoption in a few weeks!
  • 5 more Catahoula mix puppies rescued last from the back of a truck at a gas station — not kidding. Adorable, sweet, stunningly beautiful.
  • 28 amazing, adorable, sweet puppies who are going to be heading north in the next few weeks! 28. Oh my!
  • FOSTER FAMILIES NEEDED!! We need 2-4 week fosters to sign up to foster one (or two) of these sweet pups for the few weeks that they will be in BBR foster homes! You can fill out a foster home application online here:  (remember: we can provide a crate, toys, chewies, etc — we just ask that you provide food & lots of love)
  • Hope the pointer girl redefines the meaning of the word ‘hope’. No joke. More on her soon.
  • Transports, transports & more transports! We have a run of adorable lab pups heading from LA to VA & NJ this coming weekend. Stay tuned for the run sheet — we’d love your help driving! 🙂
  • Lots of awesome pups making their way to forever families — yay for Poppet, Bacon, Amos (Anderson), Jax, Beaux, Ivy, Winston & many others! Happy Tails coming your way pronto.
  • New merchandise up on our Zazzle store –**
  • Two Richmond, VA area adoption events later this month – details soon!
  • We are looking for guest bloggers! Got a foster update you want to share? Want to teach our readers about some very cool dog thing you do? Got tips for how to bathe a pup without breaking your back? Want to talk about why you feed raw? Could you do a post on how to keep your pup mentally active? Got advice on crate games? Separation anxiety? Could you help us write a “what to do when your dog gets lost” post? We need you! In order to keep this blog interesting & fun {& updated more often!} we would WELCOME additional writers! Email us at if you might be game! As an extra incentive … free BBR tshirt to the first 5 folks who volunteer to write a blog for us! 😉

Hope that you have a very “hoppy” weekend!