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Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies Update & Happy Tails!

October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Crayola Babies!!!


Remember these cuties?

Pearl, Althea, Chestnut & Shadow were all featured in the puppy bowl in 2013!!


It was a lot of fun for all of us!!!


It all started with Blue! She found herself pregnant and in danger of being euthanized in AL. But amazing rescuers came together and got her to a vets office in AL just hours before she gave birth!

Blue and her litter quarantined under an operating table at a vets office in AL.

The vet’s office and AL rescuers were amazing!!!


All ten puppies were healthy and mom and babies traveled to CT to live with our BBR crew there!


Pepper, now known as Ammo was adopted by a BBR foster mom in CT. He’s living with Murphy. Remember Murphy? He had the broken leg from the horse that trampled him? They are best buds and love living on a farm in CT!

photo (23)

Sonic Silver, now Pongo, lives in a wooded area of CT.

He loves his family as much as they love him!


Winter Sky is now Dasea. She is also living in CT and has a great family of her own!


Fuzzy Wuzzy is now Ricco. He’s still pretty fuzzy:) He’s also being spoiled by his CT family!


Indigo, now Leonides was adopted by our rock star CT vet and family. He’s totally being spoiled 🙂


Milky Way, now Harley, also lives in CT with family and his step siblings.

He finally grew into those fuzzy ears!


Sienna, now Althea got the most game time at the puppy bowl. If you watch carefully you will notice that the announcer called her by another dogs name…she was totally all over that field!

She was also adopted by one of our great CT vets and has an awesome family to call her own complete with kids and a step sister.


Shadow was a reserved player on the field and his adoptive family wouldn’t have it any other way. Shadow’s new step sister is Zinnia the mother of Zinnia’s garden! What a super happy ending for both of them!


Chestnut is now known as Cooper. Cooper was adopted by one of the camera men that filmed the puppy bowl!! Talk about love at first sight!! Cooper’s new family flew into CT to pick him up! Wow, what a great trip! Cooper found the time to write about his adventures (see the articles below).  Cooper is loving life 🙂 Cooper’s new family even found the time to do a race to raise money for BBR.

photo (2)photo067

And then there was Pearl. She had a close call with fame. Brian William’s and his daughter Allison considered adopting her.

Pearl was on the cover of the New Yorker, on Rock Center and then NBC news! She is a famous girl!

Pearl’s family has put up a face book page for her so we can all keep up with her.


Pearl is living the life with her CT family 🙂


And Blue, what about Blue????


Blue has found the time to rest and relax and feel safe!


Blue is also living the dream in CT (she even has her own convertible to cruise around in!)

From Blue and the entire BBR crew, we would like to thank all of the people that came together to help, love, and celebrate this amazing family!

Raising her family, going to the puppy bowl, and see them all go off to wonderful families has been wonderful and humbling for me. Thank you all!!!!!!!!! –Pat


Home Visit Help Needed – VA/DE/CT/LA/NY/PA

January 24, 2013


We have many wonderful pups in rescue or coming into rescue in the coming weeks and have some approved adopters who just have a home visit standing between them and their new pup — woohoo!

The sad part is we just don’t have enough hands to do it all on our own – we need some friends to help us make these families complete!

Can you help us complete a home visit in one of these areas?

(Locations will be struck through as they are filled!)

King George, VA (22485)

Newark, DE (19702)

Torrington, CT (06790)

Virginia Beach, VA (23452)

Milford, PA (18337)

Monroe, LA (71201)

Quinton, VA (23141)

Burlington, CT (01013)

Poughkeepsie, NY (12601)

Bethel Park, PA (15102)

Bumpass, VA (23024)


Please email us at and indicate which home visit(s) you would be able to assist with & we will send you more information.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies – SPONSORS NEEDED!

September 9, 2012

Update: This sweet family is fully sponsored! Thank you, thank you!

We feel so thankful to be able to share that Momma Blue made it out of the shelter *just* in the nick of time.

She gave birth to 10 gorgeous babies less than 24 hours after leaving the shelter. Close call!

The babies are enjoying lots of TLC and extra special treatment thanks to the amazing staff at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Moody, AL. They will be moving to a foster home in CT in just a few weeks.

In true Bonnie Blue Rescue fashion, we try to give each new litter a theme. Since the momma to these little darlings was named Momma Blue, we decided that her litter would be “The Crayola Puppies” all named after Crayola Crayon colors!

Puppy sponsors needed!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care for a litter this large, we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per pup. Sponsors will get to name their pup from the Crayola color list (we’ll email it to you!), will receive a minimum of three updates while their sponsor pup is in foster care, and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted & a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted!

**Please note that there is the option for 1 full sponsor & 2 partial sponsors for each pup!**

If you are interested in sponsoring of these pups, please email us at and indicate your preferred sponsorship level. We will update this blog post as individual pups are sponsored {& named}.

***Momma Blue & the Crayola Puppies***

Momma Blue – Sponsored by Mike & Michelle!

*     *     *

Winter Sky {f/k/a Female #1} – Sponsored by Angie & James & Lorrie!

*     *     *

Sienna {f/k/a Female #2} –  Sponsored by Sheryl!

*     *     *

Pearl {f/k/a Female #3}- Sponsored by Jade & John and Kim!

*     *     *

Pepper {f/k/a Male #1} – Sponsored by Jade & John and Judi!

*     *     *

Indigo {f/k/a Male #2} – Sponsored by Chris!

*     *     *

Chestnut {f/k/a Male #3} – Sponsored by Sheryl and Barbara and Kim!

*     *     *

Milky Way {f/k/a Male #4} – Sponsored by Jade & John!

*     *     *

Sonic Silver {f/k/a Male #5} – Sponsored by Cathy S & Judi W & Barbara M!

*     *     *

Shadow {f/k/a Male #6} – Sponsored by Jade & John!

*     *     *

Fuzzy Wuzzy {f/k/a Male #7} –  Sponsored by Sheryl!

the best.

July 23, 2012

The best part of rescue?

Watching families come together.

Thought you all would enjoy these sweet photos of Poppy & Indiana meeting their forever families this weekend.

Another HUGE thank you goes out to all of the sending fosters, rescue friends, transporters, crossposters and overnighters for helping these babies make it H-O-M-E this weekend.

We couldn’t do it without you!


Happy Monday & an Amber update!!

June 25, 2012

Just a quick update to say that Miss Amber continues to do awesome in foster care!

She is almost housebroken and is working on learning all about crate training & good puppy manners.

Amber is still handling her heart meds well and we will try weaning her off of them in a few weeks.

She will have an updated EKG done then and provided all goes well, she will then be able to journey to her forever home (so forever family — hurry up & come find your girl!)

Cute video of the little miss playing here:

Once again, a huge thank you to each of you who donated, crossposted, shared, prayed for & send good vibes for our sweet Precious Gems pups.

We are so, so thankful to be able to share HAPPY updates these days!

Happy Monday!

What a weekend!

May 20, 2012

It’s official — we absolutely have the best volunteers on the planet!

78 of them (& counting), in fact.

Yup, you read that right.

SEVENTY-EIGHT incredible volunteers to helped move Bonnie Blue Rescue pups safely to their forever and/or foster families this weekend.

With the help of these amazing transporters, volunteers, foster parents, overnighters, and sending rescuers, a grand total of TWENTY-TWO Bonnie Blue Rescue pups hit the road this weekend!


Cricket, Wall-E, Eva, Jake,

Sophie, Fig, Flash, Fergie

Friar Tuck, Fonzi, Felix,

AND Macie, Cajun, Christopher, Rose & Tilly all met their forever families this weekend.

Does it get better than that? We think not!

And sweet Fritz, Cecelia, Collins, Chloe, Zoe & Gracie all made it safely to Bonnie Blue Rescue foster families.

We hope their forever families will find them soon!

For everyone who drove, fostered, overnighted, crossposted, sent good vibes and prayers for this transport — thank you! We appreciate you more than you could possibly know.

To those interested in learning about how to be a transport driver contact us at — we’d love to tell you all about how our transport process works & we are always looking for new volunteers.

Jake’s Happy Tail!

May 15, 2012

We got the happiest email this evening:

“Jake is doing great :). We love him and I think he’s really starting to feel at home. I attached a picture of him from this past weekend! Thank you to everyone at Bonnie Blue for all your hard work. Jake could not be more perfect for us!”


What a gorgeous boy!

Huge thank you to Paul & Jessica for loving this sweet guy & giving him a wonderful forever family!

*     *     *

Interested in adopting a pup like Jake? We have tons of adorable adoptable pups ready to find their forever families.

Check out all of our cuties online at

& we’re back {again}

April 8, 2012

Hi, friends!

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since we’ve posted, I know.

The good news is that we have been BUSY with Bonnie Blue Rescue stuff lately — and I mean *B-U-S-Y*!

There have been a whole lot of great things happening over the last few weeks (and hopefully over the next few months) & we are so excited to share them with you!

A quick rundown & then we’ll try to get back to more regular posting:

  • Rose’s 10 rosebuds are almost ready for their forever families! Check them out on our Petfinder page at
  • Rose journeyed to AL this past weekend — she starts heartworm treatment in the next week & then she will be ready for her forever family in 6-8 weeks – woohoo! This baby girl has come a long way!
  • We took in a super cool husky named Isis — she is enjoying the good life in CT with her foster mom & learning the ropes about being an indoor, adored member of the family. If her foster mom doesn’t fall in love, she’ll be up for adoption in a few weeks!
  • 5 more Catahoula mix puppies rescued last from the back of a truck at a gas station — not kidding. Adorable, sweet, stunningly beautiful.
  • 28 amazing, adorable, sweet puppies who are going to be heading north in the next few weeks! 28. Oh my!
  • FOSTER FAMILIES NEEDED!! We need 2-4 week fosters to sign up to foster one (or two) of these sweet pups for the few weeks that they will be in BBR foster homes! You can fill out a foster home application online here:  (remember: we can provide a crate, toys, chewies, etc — we just ask that you provide food & lots of love)
  • Hope the pointer girl redefines the meaning of the word ‘hope’. No joke. More on her soon.
  • Transports, transports & more transports! We have a run of adorable lab pups heading from LA to VA & NJ this coming weekend. Stay tuned for the run sheet — we’d love your help driving! 🙂
  • Lots of awesome pups making their way to forever families — yay for Poppet, Bacon, Amos (Anderson), Jax, Beaux, Ivy, Winston & many others! Happy Tails coming your way pronto.
  • New merchandise up on our Zazzle store –**
  • Two Richmond, VA area adoption events later this month – details soon!
  • We are looking for guest bloggers! Got a foster update you want to share? Want to teach our readers about some very cool dog thing you do? Got tips for how to bathe a pup without breaking your back? Want to talk about why you feed raw? Could you do a post on how to keep your pup mentally active? Got advice on crate games? Separation anxiety? Could you help us write a “what to do when your dog gets lost” post? We need you! In order to keep this blog interesting & fun {& updated more often!} we would WELCOME additional writers! Email us at if you might be game! As an extra incentive … free BBR tshirt to the first 5 folks who volunteer to write a blog for us! 😉

Hope that you have a very “hoppy” weekend!


Lizzie’s Happily Ever After

February 9, 2012

What can we say, we’re suckers for a great “happily-ever-after” and sweet Lizzie has found just that!

Lizzie’s story was too special not to share….

Lizzie is an amazing little girl. She was rescued from the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter late last year. She gave birth to a litter of puppies and raised them, once the puppies were old enough to wean Lizzie actually acted as a surrogate mother to another litter of 7 puppies who had just lost their momma.

Sadly, Lizzie’s “adopted” litter of pups did not make it, despite her best efforts to love on them and nurse them.

When contacted to take Lizzie back, Lizzie’s original adopter didn’t want her any more (our best guess is that she adopted Lizzie just to get her puppies).


Thankfully, Lizzie had a whole community of amazing folks in Louisiana networking together to make sure that Lizzie would not end up back in the shelter. Lizzie got very sick after her spay surgery with a bacterial infection, but thanks to quick vet work, a round of antibiotics, some serious fundraising and lots of TLC she perked right up!

Thanks to her rescuers kind hearts and constant networking, Lizzie found her way to Bonnie Blue Rescue.

After just one week in foster care with BBR, sweet Lizzie made her way to her FOREVER FAMILY in CT!

We received this happily ever after email today and had to share:

“Lizzie has fit in so nicely, Vader is in love with her as are we. She has adjusted well to all the cats and like’s to nibble on them. We are having a lot of fun with her, she and Vader visited with Orwell (a golden retriver) after her Vet’s appt., and had a blast. Orwell live’s on a 55 acre estate of open fields and apple orchard, tons of room to romp and play and thats just what they did. Fun stuff, she like’s the boys to chase her, smart girl!
We all send kisses to everyone that was involved with Lizzie, THANK’S FOR THIS GREAT GIRL!
 Fondly Darlene, Skip, Ethan, Vader, Lizzie and the cats”

So from us to you — one giant THANK YOU for everyone who chipped in, transported, fostered, networked, crossposted, or loved on this little lady from afar.

THIS is what rescue is all about!

Fri 2/3 & Sat 2/4: Richmond, VA – Chelsea, AL: Blanche’s GOING HOME tport

February 2, 2012


Hi, all: Some of you may remember sweet Blanche the pittie mix who made her way to foster care in Richmond just two weeks ago. Blanche has had a really tough time settling into foster care here, in part because we think she REALLY misses her foster family and their pups (her bff’s) — she definitely thought that she was home after giving birth to her pups at their home AND going through heartworm treatment there. After chatting at length with Blanche’s original fosters, they have asked us to bring this girl back to Alabama so that she can join their family again!! That’s right — Blanche has found her happy ending!! 🙂 Sweet Blanche is going to be so excited to see them. It’ll be a very happy reunion this weekend if we can get her home! Heather & Chris are able to drive as far as Knoxville, TN to pick up Blanche and we need to fill just a few more legs to get her there — can you help us drive a leg to get Blanche HOME?

Note: Sweet Blanche has been in boarding for the last week as she was not meshing well with any of our fosters pups, so if at all possible we would love to get her back home to Heather & Chris this weekend (especially so that she doesn’t have to spend another week in boarding).

Friday, February 3rd & Saturday, February 4th

Richmond, VA – Chelsea, AL
Transport is being monitored/coordinated by Courtney with Bonnie Blue Rescue

Please email Courtney [at] the following information if you can drive a leg (or two):

1) First & Last Name

2) Email Address

3) Leg(s) you are offering to drive

4) Cell/Home Phone Numbers

5) Vehicle Description

Sending Rescue for Blanche: Bonnie Blue Rescue




Location: Richmond, VA
Contact: Courtney Groves
Passenger 1: Blanche

Age:  2-3 years old

Breed: Pointer/Lab/Pittie mix

Size: 65 lbs

Health/Vaccination Status: UTD on vaccines, spayed, microchipped, current on flea/tick/heartworm meds
Other: Traveling with collar, leash, harness, paperwork, health certificate, crate is not provided but rides well uncrated
Traveling from: Richmond, VA – Chelsea, AL

Reason for transport: Foster home to adoptive home.

Friday, February 3rd

Leg 1: Filled by Carrie!

Richmond, VA – Zion Crossroads, VA

54 miles, 55 minutes

4:00pm – 4:55pm

Leg 2: Filled by Kelly!

Zion Crossroads, VA – Staunton, VA

53 miles, 55 minutes

5:05pm – 6:00pm

Leg 3: Filled by Jim!

Staunton, VA – Roanoke, VA

87 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes

6:10pm – 7:30pm

Leg 4: Filled by Terri!

Roanoke, VA – Blacksburg, VA

42 miles, 50 minutes

7:40pm – 8:30pm

Overnight in Blacksburg, VA – filled by Ruth Ann!

Saturday, February 4th

Leg 5: Filled by Arlene!

Blacksburg, VA – Bristol, VA

120 miles, 2 hours

10:00am – 12:00pm

Leg 6: Filled by Anita!

Bristol, VA – Greeneville, TN

56 miles, 1 hour 5 minutes

12:10pm – 1:15pm

Leg 7: Filled by Dianna!

Greeneville, TN – Knoxville, TN

70 miles, 1 hour 10 minutes

1:25pm – 2:35

Leg 8: Filled by Paula!

Knoxville, TN – Athens, TN

58 miles, 1 hour

2:45pm – 3:45pm

Leg 9: Filled by Susan!

Athens, TN – Chattanooga, TN

58 miles, 1 hour

3:45pm – 4:45pm

Leg 10: Filled by Heather & Chris!

Chattanooga, TN – Gadsden, AL

90 miles, 1 hour 30 minutes (time change EST/CST)

4:45pmEST/3:45pm CST – 6:15pm EST/5:15pm CST

Leg 11: Filled by Heather & Chris!

Gadsden, AL – Chelsea, AL

75 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes

5:15pm – 6:30pm