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January 31, 2013
Meet miss Noel!
photo 2
This pretty, young Lab girl was brought into a Louisiana shelter as a stray.  After no owner claimed her during her 7 day stray hold she found herself on the euthanasia list for no reason other than being Black Lab in a shelter with an abundance of Labs.  😦

72Red Noel OPAS

Lucky for Noel, she was rescued by a Louisiana group that partners with Bonnie Blue Rescue to find amazing northern homes for their special LA pups.

photo 5

Noel is a star in foster care and her foster mom reports that she gets along so well with the family’s other lab. They cuddle and lick each other and play! Noel is such a little sweetheart.

photo 4

Noel is good with adults, kids and other dogs.  She has not been tested with cats (but we can arrange that, if needed!).  Noel is learning her manners and is doing well with potty training, crate training and walking on leash.
Noel is approximately 11 months old and 44#.

photo 3

She is spayed, microchipped, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and current on prevention.  Noel would love nothing more than to be in a loving, forever home by Valentine’s Day!
photo 1

If you are interested in ADOPTING Noel, please email us at for more information!

Meet Miss Carbon!

January 30, 2013

Say hello to the adorable (and famous) Carbon!

Carbon & her sister Cinder were dumped at a high kill shelter in Louisiana and scheduled for euthanasia after being there less than 24hrs due to overcrowding. Thankfully, Carbon (& Cinder) caught the eye of the PAWS Rescue Coordinator and were some of the luck one’s that day. Carbon is now thriving in foster care.

Carbon is a happy, healthy, well adjusted little Lab mix!!  Thanks to a great partnership between PAWS of NE LA and Bonnie Blue Rescue, Carbon is now looking for a loving forever home.


We have no idea what kind of mix Carbon is but we think Labrador for sure.  She is a petite pup though so may not grow to full Lab size…we expect her to mature to be a medium sized dog at least.


She has a glossy black coat and beautiful brown eyes.  Carbon is approximately 10 weeks old as of January 30th and will be ready to transport home in late February.


Until then her Louisiana foster mom will keep working with her on socialization, potty training, crate training and basic puppy manners.  Carbon already knows how to sit and is doing very well with leash training, especially for such a young girl!

While she is eager to please and is doing well with all the training so far, Carbon is a puppy and will have a long way to go so please keep that under consideration.  This sweetie needs and deserves a home that will help her grow up to be the best dog she can be!


Carbon is fostered with kids, cats and other dogs and is comfortable in a busy household.  This special pup is also a TV star and got to go on a local LA morning show with her foster mom to talk about an upcoming Mardi Gras Pet Parade.

Carbon MG

Here is a video of Carbon’s TV debut…


January 22, 2013

Miss Truffle is an absolutely AMAZING black lab mix.

photo 1

She is your typical lab girl – happy go lucky, easy to please, & social with everyone she meets.

photo 2

Truffle was rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana.


She has been looking for her forever family through Bonnie Blue Rescue since OCTOBER! We are floored that this awesome girl hasn’t been scooped up yet.


Truffle would fit into almost any home — she has so much love to give!

Truffle is amazing with kids and other dogs. She is totally housebroken & cratetrained and is an all around awesome girl.

photo 3

If you are interested in adopting Truffle, just email us at

We will gladly send more information your way.

Cute videos of Truffle playing here:

10/5/12 – 10/7/12 Weekend Transports

October 3, 2012

We have MANY cuties who need your help to make it safely to their new foster homes or forever homes this weekend.

If you are in these areas of transport, please consider helping our little darlings make it home.

Please email all offers to drive to (otherwise we might miss them!)

Thanks in advance for your driving & crossposting help!

*     *     *

Charley’s Transport

Saturday, October 6th – Birmingham, AL – Frisco, TX

(AL/MS/LA/TX legs needed!)

Details & run sheet here:

*     *     *

Momma Maia & the Greek Pups Transport

Saturday, October 6th & Sunday, October 7th – Birmingham, AL – Orange, VA

(Wytheville, VA – Roanoke, VA needed to fill!)

Details & run sheet here:

*     *     *

Clay’s Best Day Ever Transport

Saturday, October 6th & Sunday, October 7th – Birmingham, AL – Depew, NY

(KY & OH legs needed)

Details & run sheet here:

*     *     *

Riggs & Stella’s Transport


Friday, October 5th – Birmingham, AL – Richmond, VA

Details & run sheet here:


September 13, 2012

Meet handsome Keller.

This stunning boy is a 1-2 year old husky/lab mix (our best guess).

At first glance you might think that his stunning blue eyes are his best quality — they’re not.

His personality totally wins.

Keller is a L-O-V-E   M-U-F-F-I-N!

Keller had a broken rear leg when he first was rescued so he had to go through an orthopedic surgery – thankfully with a short-term pin in his leg Keller’s bones have healed! He gets his pin out in two weeks and then will be raring to go. Even now, that pin doesn’t slow him down — Keller walks and even runs on his formerly broken leg!

The only way you would ever know he’d had surgery is because his hair is still growing back.

Keller loves to go for walks with his foster momma, and splashing into mud puddles and water pools is his *favorite thing ever*.

He is truly the kind of pup who would fill ANY home with lots of joy.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Keller, please email us at for more info!

Is there anything cuter

September 11, 2012

than fat little puppies snuggled up together?

Probably not.

We just grin and grin every time we see these sweeties snuggled up in luxury.

Sweet babies.


Foster Families Needed!

August 7, 2012


It’s that time again! We need foster family help! We are in need of foster families starting THIS weekend (August 11/12) for Franklin & Grover! We are also in need of foster families starting over the NEXT 2 WEEKENDS (August 18/19 & 24/25) for the lab/basset mix pups & Benita. We have some amazing pups that need to be moved out of the south, but we are going to have to move them into boarding situations if we cannot find short term fosters for them. Eeek!
Even a two week foster commitment would be a huge help to us to allow us to keep these cuties out of boarding and secure longer-term foster families for them. Bonnie Blue Rescue can provide crates, toys, chewies, collar, leash, ID tag and will cover all medical needs for these cuties. We just ask that you provide food and love (& we’re even willing to cover the food, if needed!).
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here:
*     *     *
More info on our sweeties needing foster homes (& photos of each below):
Grover (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is a totally adorable red/chocolate catahoula mix boy. He is 3 months old. Grover and his littermates were rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana just in the nick of time. Sadly, Grover ad his littermates all got parvo but after some 24/7 vet care this sweet baby boy is back to 100%. He is totally healthy now and is just a normal catahoula mix puppy – happy, spunky, and sweet as can be. Grover is doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with the other dogs in his foster home and with his foster kitty siblings, too! Grover has a foster family lined up – thank you Kimberli & Stacia!
*     *     *
Franklin (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is Grover’s brother! He is a blue merle catahoula leopard mix boy who is just as spunky, sweet, and social as sweet Grover is. Franklin is also doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and horses, too! Franklin is such an amazing boy with a big heart. Franklin has a foster lined up  – thank you Devon!
*     *     *
Nestle (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is an 11 week old Lab/Bassett Hound mix boy who is all love and snuggles. Nestle and his littermates have been living in an outdoor kennel in Alabama and they are ready to find foster families so they can learn all about cratetraining, housebreaking, and being indoor pups! Nestle loves snuggles, pets, and just to be loved on. He is going to make an exceptional forever pup for someone! Nestle needs a foster family starting 8.18.12.
*     *     *
Skittles (ADOPTED) is the cutest little lab/bassett (& maybe catahoula leopard dog) mix girl. She is 11 weeks old and has amazing coloring — much like that of a sable merle catahoula. So cool! Skittles loves people and runs right up to greet her new friends. She is very playful with her littermates and loves to eat! Skittles has a FOREVER FAMILY lined up! Yay! Congrats, Rachel!
*     *     *
Peppermint (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a darling lab/bassett mix girl. Peppermint is 11 weeks old and all love and kisses. She is very sweet and is eager to please. Peppermint loves people and adores being snuggled and held! Peppermint needs a foster starting 8.18.12.
*      *     *
Cinnamon (ADOPTED) is a sweet little lab/basset hound mix girl who is 11 weeks old. She is all snuggles & love and loves to give kisses to her new human friends. Cinnamon has a forever family liked up – congrats Mike!
*     *     *
Benita (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a adorable shaggy little mix breed girl. She is 2 years old and 20 lbs – the vet thinks that she is a shih-tzu/terrier mix! Benita already knows some basic obedience like “sit” and “come”. She is well-mannered and is an all around gentle girl. Benita would be great in a home with kids! Benita needs a foster home starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
Snickers (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER!) is a male lab/bassett/catahoula mix boy  who is 11 weeks old. Snickers is soooooo sweet. Snickers is excited to make it to foster care and to become an indoor pup. He is also ready to find a family of his own to spoil him to pieces! Snickers has a foster home lined up – thanks Elise! Snickers still needs an adoptive home!
*      *      *
Pixie (ADOPTED) is a gorgeous black and tan lab/bassett mix girl who is currently 11 weeks old. She and her littermates are currently living in outdoor runs and are very excited to make their way to rescue and learn all about being indoor dogs. Someone mentioned A/C to Pixie & she was VERY excited about this A/C stuff she hears so much about!  Pixie has a forever home lined up – Congrats Kathleen!
*      *     *
Hercules (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is another lab/basset mix puppy and is the biggest boy in his litter. He’s still walking on short legs … but he has a large body. So if you are looking for a lazy, mellow, chubby guy – look no further! Hercules has a gorgeous brindle trim on part of his body. Hercules is in need of a foster family (or forever family) starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here:

Sweet Eli

July 22, 2012

Meet Eli.

This gorgeous Catahoula Leopard Dog/Labrador Retriever mix boy is truly as sweet as they come. Eli is a total love muffin and a serious snuggle bug. He is 8-9 months old and just amazing.

Eli is being fostered in a home with two other pups and a cat and is wonderful with all of them. He is playful with the other dogs but respectful of his feline foster sister who has made it clear that he cannot cross the line into her personal space.

Eli is perfecting potty training in his foster home and is cratetrained! He is very responsive and respectful off leash and always comes when called. Eli’s foster mom thinks that he could make a wonderful running partner and he gets better with his on-leash manners every day!

Eli is the kind of pup who could make anyone smile with his goofy, sweet antics.

If you love to laugh (& snuggle) then Eli is your guy!

Email us at for more info on this special boy!


July 22, 2012

Meet Gigi.

This gorgeous purebred Labrador Retriever girl is just waiting for her perfect forever family to come and find her! Gigi will be 3 years old in October. The first few years of her life were not the easiest … but things have gotten much, much better since then.

Gigi was bought by a family who were “not dog people” (by their own admission). They had a young daughter who wanted a puppy, so they got her one. The daughter played with Gigi for a little while and then grew tired of her. When the girl didn’t want to play with her anymore, Gigi got stuck in an outdoor pen behind the house — and the family rarely interacted with her after that. She received basic vet care, thankfully, but missed out on being a cherished member of the family.

Can you imagine any lab pup, with so much love to give, being stuck behind a house like that? It breaks our heart to think of Gigi spending the better part of her puppyhood in a situation like that. Just sitting out back waiting to be loved. 😦

Amazingly, none of this less-than-ideal treatment early on has phased Gigi. She is still a happy-go-lucky typical lab girl. Eager to please, thankful for love. Gigi’s foster mom describes her as a wonderful girl. She has never had an accident in the house, sleeps on a dog bed next to her foster’s bed and has not chewed on anything that she was not supposed to. Gigi is very excited about nylabones! The first few days that she was in her foster home she was so excited to have a nylabone that she tried to eat her meals WITH the bone in her mouth. Sweet girl! Gigi is also very smart and always happy and wagging her tail. Gigi is very motivated by human interaction and love (& nylabones!).

If you are looking for a pup to brighten your heart and home — look no further.

This happy, funny, sweet lab girl is the one for you!

Email us at for more info on Gigi!

Meet Bailey!

June 20, 2012

Meet Bailey!

This handsome little guy is one of a litter of 7 cuties came to Bonnie Blue Rescue last month from a high-kill shelter in rural Tennessee. Their momma was rescued by a weimaraner rescue but the rescue did not have room for her pups, too.

Bonnie Blue Rescue heard about this sweet little family and stepped in to take the remaining pups into rescue. Thanks to our amazing friends Sue & Kate, they have been hanging out in short-term foster homes in Tennessee for the last few weeks getting vaccinated & healthy enough for transport north to long-term fosters.

Three of the cuties from this litter already have adoptions pending, but we have four others still looking for their forever families. Bailey is one of the ones still available!

Bailey is a 10-week old Labrador Retriever/Weimaraner puppy. He is around 15 lbs right now, but has some big paws to grow in to!

Bailey is one of the sweetest pups on the planet. He is a snuggle bug who loves hanging out outside. Bailey is great with smaller dogs or much bigger ones — he just wants someone to play with! Bailey’s foster mom describes him as the “happiest pup I’ve ever met”! He is over-the-top with his love and affection — in a good way!

If you are looking for a special pup to complete your family — look no further! Email us at for a copy of our adoption application.

We look forward to working with you to help complete your furry family!

*     *     *

P.S. – we still have a few more “Adopt Happiness” t-shirts to sell to reach our goal! Check out our awesome t-shirt design & get more info here: