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July 27, 2012


He is definitely hurt — we think he has a broken paw or broken leg — but he is alive and otherwise seems a-okay. He was eating a family’s spaghetti dinner when a woman who saw the fliers on Patches recognized him and called for him. He was SO HAPPY that someone knew his name!

Patches is on his way to the ER vet right now for a checkup and x-ray of his paws!

Thank you all so, so much for crossposting, emailing, calling, sharing his story. It truly is a testament to how amazing this rescue community is!


(PA TPKE between mile markers 143-146)


Patches & his foster mom were in a very bad car accident last night. The car flipped several times and Patches ran away before Erin could get out of the vehicle. We need all hands on deck in Bedford, PA area to find Patches! He is several hours from home and is undoubtedly very scared — he may also be injured.

Patches is a 7 month old hound mix. He is tri-colored and generally very sweet and easy going. Patches loves people and other dogs but is probably very scared right now. Patches is wearing a collar and ID tag and is microchipped.

If spotted, please contact Bonnie Blue Rescue at 276.492.6307 or Erin at 804.920.2750!

Note: Volunteers desperately needed to help search for Patches and to put up fliers for our missing boy! Please email to assist.


Missing Rescue Pup: Powhatan, VA: PLEASE CROSSPOST!

May 11, 2012



Missing since Thursday, May 10th  – 7:00pm

Last Seen – Boyer Road in Powhatan, VA

If you see him, please CALL US FIRST.  Roy is VERY SHY! Sit on the ground and call him softly. Wait for him to come to you (it may take 15-20 minutes for him to come around). He is very sweet, but has had humans be very unkind to him in the past.

276.492.6307 OR 804.370.3454 OR 919.451.3765


Name: Roy

Age: 3 years old

Color: blue merle (black/gray)

Breed: mixed breed dog (Catahoula mix)

Size: 45 lbs

Special Features: One blue eye

Stats: neutered, microchipped, wearing a collar with an ID tag on it


168 (& welcome 2012!)

January 11, 2012

With the help of our shelter-rescue partners, short-term fosters, long-term fosters, transporters, crossposters, supporters and friends ….

2011 was an absolutely awesome year for Bonnie Blue Rescue!

But before I share our AWESOME NEWS with you …. let’s take a look back!

In 2009, Bonnie Blue Rescue had 5 foster homes and rescued 52 dogs.

In 2010, Bonnie Blue Rescue had 14 foster homes and rescued 93 dogs.

And 2011? 2011 was an even more amazing year than that!

In 2011, Bonnie Blue Rescue utilized 32 foster homes and rescued 168 dogs!

Even cooler than that? Of those 168, 36 were special needs pups –

5 came from a cruelty case in Mobile, AL

6 required major surgery while in the care of Bonnie Blue Rescue

22 were heartworm positive & went through heartworm treatment

15 were super seniors.


I am so very proud to be a part of the Bonnie Blue Rescue crew. I am proud to be a part of an organization who helps all pups regardless of breed, age, disability or special needs status. Who goes above and beyond to save the pups that other rescues walk away from, or ignore. And I am so, so proud of the incredible volunteers who work tirelessly to continue to support our small organization with your volunteer hours, crossposting help, networking assistance, donations, love and support.

From the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU — rescue would not be possible without you.

We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2012!


Considering fostering? Join us in 2012. The more fosters we have, the more pups we can save!

Email us at for more info!

making change.

December 5, 2011

Though it goes without saying, we are still reeling from the loss of our momma catahoula.

Her foster mom, Caroline, shared with me yesterday that she had hoped to name her Violet. I looked the name Violet up today to see what it means — it means re-birth. I cannot think of a more fitting name for a gorgeous, sweet girl who left this world too soon. One of the sweet messages that we received said that heaven must have needed a momma dog to take care of all of the puppies who left the Earth too soon, too. We have found that image incredibly comforting over the last 24 hours, thank you for helping warm our hearts.

We have received many, many kind messages over the past few days. And trust me when I say that the good has far outweighed the bad in this situation. Thank you to each of you who took the time to send a message, say a prayer, or send kind thoughts our way. This very difficult situation has been made better by the incredible outpouring of love that we have received. It has been a solid reminder of how amazing the rescue community can be. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that.

It is our goal to honor the life of sweet Violet in any way that we can and to continue to improve upon our transport process and procedures.

Today our rescue purchased several hundred martingale collars, harnesses, ID tags and slip leads. These will be sent to each of the sending shelters, independent rescuers, and transporters that we regularly work with. Though we work with the same sending shelters/rescue liaison’s almost exclusively and they are all excellent about making sure that the pups are properly outfitted for transport, this situation has demonstrated that you truly can never be too careful, too safe, or too prepared. If nothing else, I hope that the use of those martingale collars, harnesses and leashes will allow our transport drivers to properly outfit pups on other rescues/coordinators transports that they might be driving. If the purchase of these harnesses, martingale collars and extra leashes keep even one other pup from getting loose on transport, then we will have succeeded.

In addition, we are starting “Violet’s Fund”. A small portion of each adoption fee and general donation that we receive in 2012 will be set aside to rescue other momma pups in need, be it momma’s who were left behind or momma’s with litters of pups who are in danger of euthanasia. In this small, small way, we hope to continue to honor this sweet girl whose story touched so many.

Thank you again for your continued support.

a very sad day, indeed.

December 4, 2011

It is with a heavy heart that we share that our momma catahoula was found mid-day today by one of the wonderful volunteers who came out for her search. She had been struck and killed by a vehicle. 😦

Thank you to each of you who crossposted, shared her story, and dispatched to assist in looking for her. We appreciate you assistance in trying to help us find this sweet girl more than you know. To each of you who prayed for her and sent positive thoughts her way – thank you. We needed them as much as she did.

There are many rumors flying around facebook and the internet about how this girl came to be part of our Bonnie Blue Rescue program and ended up on the transport. Blame is flying left and right. Please stop. Blaming anyone (or everyone) will not change the outcome of this situation. It’s a futile effort and will only continue to deepen the grief of those involved. We are all heartbroken.

Many have asked how this sweet girl came to be a Bonnie Blue Rescue pup: this sweet momma was listed on facebook earlier this week at a high kill shelter in Manchester, TN. She was a momma to several puppies (4-6 weeks old) who were pulled by another rescue. She was left behind in the kill shelter and was not pulled with her puppies.  We will not disclose the name of the “rescue” who took them in, because even though we feel very strongly that what they did was very, very wrong, they do not deserve to be blasted as harshly as our rescue has been over the last 48 hours.

Through facebook networking, one of our awesome foster moms, Caroline, heard about her and offered to take her in to foster. We had several volunteers working together to put together a last minute rescue effort to get this girl pulled from the shelter and transported to foster care. Our momma catahoula was sent out of the shelter with a slip lead, overnighted and then put onto the transport with the same slip lead. The driver whom she got away from is an experienced transport driver. He felt as if the slip lead was not enough and put her in a collar/leash combo instead. It was snug fitting, but when she backed up, thrashed and bolted, she pulled out of it.

Bonnie Blue Rescue runs transports up/down the interstate every single weekend. In fact, most weekends we have 2-3 transports running opposite directions. This is the first time in years and years of doing transports that any of our pups has been lost on transport and we are going to do everything possible to make sure that it is the very last time, too. This girl will never have the chance to live in a home or to be a well-loved and cherished family member … to say that we are devastated is an understatement. 😦
Thank you for the continued outpouring of love and support during this time. We appreciate it more than you know.
And to our sweet momma catahoula  … you were wanted. And you were loved, and loved, and loved by an entire community of people. Rest in peace & run free, sweet baby.

Leela’s Transport Home! Sat 4/9: Richmond, VA – Hendersonville, NC

April 4, 2011

Did you hear? Sweet Leela is safe! After a week of being missing in Quinton/New Kent, VA area this little lady showed right back up at the farm and went back to playing with her brother like it was just a normal day! Once home, her family and the rescue jointly decided that bringing Leela back into rescue and sending her to a home with a fenced yard was the best possible thing for Leela – because we all want the same thing – for this sweet girl to be safe! Leela is still a little bumped and bruised, but is ready to love again. Leela’s original foster’s good friend has offered her heart and home to this sweet, shy girl, and we need your help to help Leela make it safely to her FOREVER HOME in Hendersonville, NC.

Note: Leela must move this weekend.

If you can drive please email: and include the following:

1) First/Last Name

2) Home/Cell Numbers

3) Vehicle Description

4) Hometown

Sending/Receiving Rescue: Bonnie Blue Rescue





Passenger 1: Leela

Age: 1 year

Sex: Spayed Female

Health Status: Up to date on vaccines, healthy, a little bruising on front legs from brush

Traveling with: All veterinary paperwork, collar, leash, ID tag, health certificate and a few favorite toys & chewies

Note: Leela rides well once in the car but may be a little shy/nervous in between legs at handoffs

Saturday, April 9th

Richmond, VA – Hendersonville, NC

Leg 1: Filled by Janet & Emma!

Richmond, VA – South Hill, VA

80 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes

9:30am – 10:50am


South Hill, VA – Durham, NC

71 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes

11:00am – 12:15pm


Durham, NC – Greensboro, NC

53 miles, 1 hour

12:25pm – 1:25pm


Greensboro, NC – Salisbury, NC

58 miles, 1 hour

1:40pm – 2:40pm

Leg 5: Filled by Jack & Connie!

Salisbury, NC – Gastonia, NC

60 miles, 1 hour 5 minutes

2:50pm – 3:55pm

Leg 6: Filled by Jack & Connie!

Gastonia, NC – Hendersonville, NC

83 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes

4:05pm – 5:25pm


January 7, 2011


Much-loved family pet missing.

Lost in the Holiday Hills Subdivision off McKamey (Knoxville, TN area).

Redbone Coonhound female (reddish in color).

Wearing two collars when she went missing Wednesday night (1/5/11). One is a wireless fence collar and the other is a new, red collar.

No chip or ID tag.

Please call or email Rodney with any




Help us get this sweet girl home safely.