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Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies Update & Happy Tails!

October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Crayola Babies!!!


Remember these cuties?

Pearl, Althea, Chestnut & Shadow were all featured in the puppy bowl in 2013!!


It was a lot of fun for all of us!!!


It all started with Blue! She found herself pregnant and in danger of being euthanized in AL. But amazing rescuers came together and got her to a vets office in AL just hours before she gave birth!

Blue and her litter quarantined under an operating table at a vets office in AL.

The vet’s office and AL rescuers were amazing!!!


All ten puppies were healthy and mom and babies traveled to CT to live with our BBR crew there!


Pepper, now known as Ammo was adopted by a BBR foster mom in CT. He’s living with Murphy. Remember Murphy? He had the broken leg from the horse that trampled him? They are best buds and love living on a farm in CT!

photo (23)

Sonic Silver, now Pongo, lives in a wooded area of CT.

He loves his family as much as they love him!


Winter Sky is now Dasea. She is also living in CT and has a great family of her own!


Fuzzy Wuzzy is now Ricco. He’s still pretty fuzzy:) He’s also being spoiled by his CT family!


Indigo, now Leonides was adopted by our rock star CT vet and family. He’s totally being spoiled 🙂


Milky Way, now Harley, also lives in CT with family and his step siblings.

He finally grew into those fuzzy ears!


Sienna, now Althea got the most game time at the puppy bowl. If you watch carefully you will notice that the announcer called her by another dogs name…she was totally all over that field!

She was also adopted by one of our great CT vets and has an awesome family to call her own complete with kids and a step sister.


Shadow was a reserved player on the field and his adoptive family wouldn’t have it any other way. Shadow’s new step sister is Zinnia the mother of Zinnia’s garden! What a super happy ending for both of them!


Chestnut is now known as Cooper. Cooper was adopted by one of the camera men that filmed the puppy bowl!! Talk about love at first sight!! Cooper’s new family flew into CT to pick him up! Wow, what a great trip! Cooper found the time to write about his adventures (see the articles below).  Cooper is loving life 🙂 Cooper’s new family even found the time to do a race to raise money for BBR.

photo (2)photo067

And then there was Pearl. She had a close call with fame. Brian William’s and his daughter Allison considered adopting her.

Pearl was on the cover of the New Yorker, on Rock Center and then NBC news! She is a famous girl!

Pearl’s family has put up a face book page for her so we can all keep up with her.


Pearl is living the life with her CT family 🙂


And Blue, what about Blue????


Blue has found the time to rest and relax and feel safe!


Blue is also living the dream in CT (she even has her own convertible to cruise around in!)

From Blue and the entire BBR crew, we would like to thank all of the people that came together to help, love, and celebrate this amazing family!

Raising her family, going to the puppy bowl, and see them all go off to wonderful families has been wonderful and humbling for me. Thank you all!!!!!!!!! –Pat


Wordless Wednesday: {momma blue violet & crayola pups}

October 3, 2012










3.5 Weeks Update: Momma Blue Violet & the Crayola Pups

October 2, 2012

Disclaimer: There is an awful lot of cuteness in this blog post. Consider yourself warned!

Huge thanks to Lara at for this adorable pictures of Momma Blue & the Crayola Pups! If you live in CT (or nearby) – look Lara up & consider having her come and do portraits of your pups!

It’s hard to believe that our babies are growing up so quickly! While they still nurse, they have also started on puppy mush — and they LOVE to eat, eat, eat!

*     *     *

Momma Blue Violet

*     *     *


*     *     *


*     *     *

Fuzzy Wuzzy

*     *     *

Winter Sky

*     *     *

Milky Way

*     *     *

Sonic Silver

*     *     *


*     *     *


*     *     *


*     *     *


*     *     *

These tiny sweetpeas will be ready to move to their new foster families (or foster-to-adopt) families on 10/31/12.

If you are interested in fostering (or adopting) one of these darlings please email us at for more information.

Is there anything cuter

September 11, 2012

than fat little puppies snuggled up together?

Probably not.

We just grin and grin every time we see these sweeties snuggled up in luxury.

Sweet babies.