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168 (& welcome 2012!)

January 11, 2012

With the help of our shelter-rescue partners, short-term fosters, long-term fosters, transporters, crossposters, supporters and friends ….

2011 was an absolutely awesome year for Bonnie Blue Rescue!

But before I share our AWESOME NEWS with you …. let’s take a look back!

In 2009, Bonnie Blue Rescue had 5 foster homes and rescued 52 dogs.

In 2010, Bonnie Blue Rescue had 14 foster homes and rescued 93 dogs.

And 2011? 2011 was an even more amazing year than that!

In 2011, Bonnie Blue Rescue utilized 32 foster homes and rescued 168 dogs!

Even cooler than that? Of those 168, 36 were special needs pups –

5 came from a cruelty case in Mobile, AL

6 required major surgery while in the care of Bonnie Blue Rescue

22 were heartworm positive & went through heartworm treatment

15 were super seniors.


I am so very proud to be a part of the Bonnie Blue Rescue crew. I am proud to be a part of an organization who helps all pups regardless of breed, age, disability or special needs status. Who goes above and beyond to save the pups that other rescues walk away from, or ignore. And I am so, so proud of the incredible volunteers who work tirelessly to continue to support our small organization with your volunteer hours, crossposting help, networking assistance, donations, love and support.

From the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU — rescue would not be possible without you.

We cannot wait to see what is in store for 2012!


Considering fostering? Join us in 2012. The more fosters we have, the more pups we can save!

Email us at for more info!


Wordless Wednesday Post

September 29, 2010

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Monday Brain Dump

September 27, 2010

Aspen had a wonderful visit at Virginia Tech’s Vet School today and will be going in for surgery tomorrow morning at 7:00am.

We are more than a little hopeful that this surgery will be the one that changes her life. Details on the type of surgery she’ll be having here.

Please keep her in your prayers, send up happy thoughts, or just think of her tomorrow – that sweet girl needs all the well-wishes she can get.

As soon as we know the outcome of her surgery, we will let you know. ❤

In very happy news – the surgery quote today (after her examination) was only $900-$1100; several hundred dollars less than initially quoted – thank goodness!

We will edit our chipin accordingly tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you’d like to donate a dollar or two towards Aspen’s surgery you can do so here:

Check back tomorrow for an Aspen update & a twist on our fundraising this time around (hint: if you donate, you could win an awesome prize – no joke!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In other news …


& Myra …

already big friends.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Biscuit, Kellum, Sophia & Myra made it safely to rescue this weekend. Thank you all again for crossposting if you were unable to drive.

Sophia will be traveling on to CT this coming weekend to join her long-term foster family


sweet Darwin will be hitting the road to a short-term foster (wayyy better than the shelter or boarding).

Check back for updates on these transports tomorrow!

Big big thanks to YOU

September 25, 2010

A gigantic thank you going out today to everyone who offered to drive, crossposted, blogged about,and otherwise helped us fill our transport for this weekend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophia & Myra hit the road early, early this morning.

Here they are all loaded up in Miss Jackie’s car.

Jackie – thank you for being that brave 5:45am driver! 😉

& in Miss Kathryn’s car heading on towards Chattanooga, TN!

they will soon be met by Kellum, Picasso, & Biscuit

and continue on

on their big journey to Virginia!

Keep our special babies and their extra-special drivers in your thoughts today.


September 20, 2010

Myra is coming to Richmond this weekend if her transport fills & we cannot wait to get our hands on this cute girl!

Myra initially was rescued at 3 weeks old when she and her brother were found covered in ant bites and fleas

She had a couple of rough days & her guardian angel, Anna, wasn’t sure if she was going to make it

….. but little Myra proved to be one tough cookie

within a few days (with lots of fluids & good food in her belly) Myra was up and at ’em

Myra is now a healthy & happy 8 week old gal

she is an ankle biter, a sweet snuggler, and an all around great pup.

Myra is goofy and fun and could win over even the hardest heart.

If you’re interested in adopting this sweetie (once she’s spayed & up to date on vaccines) you can email us at and request a copy of our adoption application!

Transport Fri/Sat/Sun, Sept 24-26

September 19, 2010

***NOTE: This transport FILLED!***

Sadly, we had to cancel our transport this past weekend due to lack of drivers. This meant that several pups were stuck with “short term” fosters longer than they were supposed to be, and two other pups were stuck in boarding for another week. Boo. So we’re trying again this weekend! I realize that on some legs there are as many as 6 dogs. These dogs can easily be split between two drivers for each leg, if needed. If you are volunteering to drive, just email me back and let me know how many dogs you can accommodate in your vehicle. As a reminder: Biscuit, Picasso & Miracle will each be traveling in a tiny cat carrier. Sophia MUST be crated during transport if she is in the car with another uncrated dog. Pinto & Kellum are both very friendly and can ride crated or uncrated in a vehicle.

Meet this weekend’s tiniest passengers:



& Picasso

Transport coordinated/monitored by Courtney Groves<@gmail dot com>

If you are able to drive, please respond with the following:

1) First Name, Last Name

2) Email Address(es)

3) Home/Cell #’s

4) Vehicle Description

5) Leg(s) you are volunteering for

6) If you will need another driver to assist w/ your leg

Fri, Sat & Sun, September 24th – 26th

Sending/Receiving Rescue for Sophia, Miracle, Kellum, Biscuit & Picasso:

Bonnie Blue Rescue
Contact Name: Courtney Groves
Location: Richmond, VA

Sending Shelter for Pinto: BJC Animal Control

Contact: Garland Clark

Location: B’ham, AL


Receiving Rescue for Pinto: American Bulldog Rescue

Contact: Jodi Specter

Location: Newton, PA


Passenger 1 : Miracle
Breed: Pitbull baby
Age: 8 weeks
Sex: Female, spay to be done by rescue when age appropriate

Health: Healthy
Size/Weight: approx 8 lbs, small!
Traveling with collar/leash/paperwork/health certificate/small (cat sized) carrier
Sending Foster: Anna Muldoon

Traveling From: Dothan, AL – Richmond, VA

Passenger 2: Sophia

Breed: Husky

Age: 1 year 1 month

Sex: Female, spayed

Health: Healthy

Size: 45 lbs

Traveling with: collar/leash/paperwork/health certificate

Sending Foster: Jackie Graham

Traveling From: Birmingham, AL – Richmond, VA

Note: on legs where Sophia & Pinto/Kellum are traveling together, one dog will need to be crated.

Passenger 3: Biscuit

Breed: Pitbull baby

Age: 8 weeks

Sex: Male, neuter to be done by receiving rescue when age appropriate

Health: Healthy, does have old shoulder injury, but is ok

Size: 7 lbs

Traveling with: collar/leash/paperwork/health certificate/small (cat sized) carrier

Sending Foster: Mary Mac Yon

Traveling From: Charlotte, NC – Richmond, VA

Passenger 4: Picasso

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 8 weeks

Sex: Male, neuter to be done by receiving rescue when age appropriate

Health: Healthy

Size: 8 lbs

Traveling w/: collar, leash, paperwork, health cert/small (cat sized) carrier

Sending Foster: Charlene Cantrell

Traveling From: Atlanta, GA – Richmond, VA

Passenger 5: Pinto

Breed: American Bulldog

Age: 2yrs

Sex: Female, to be spayed be receiving rescue

Size: 55 lbs

Traveling w/: collar, leash, paperwork, health cert

Reason for transport: shelter (via boarding) to rescue

Passenger 6: Kellum

Breed: Catahoula mix

Age: 9 months

Size: 30-35 lbs

Traveling w/: collar, leash, paperwork, health cert

Sending Foster: Melissa G

Traveling from: Calhoun, GA – Richmond, VA

OVERNIGHT in B’ham, AL for Miracle filled by Jackie G!

Saturday, September 25th

Leg 4 – Filled by Jackie G!

Birmingham, AL – Gadsden, AL

90 miles, 1 hour 30 minutes

6:00am – 7:30am

(Miracle, Pinto & Sophia)

Leg 5 – Filled by Kathryn D!
Gadsden, AL – Chattanooga, TN
89 miles, 1 hour 30 minutes
*change to eastern time*
7:40am – 9:10am (CST)/10:10am (EST)

(Miracle, Pinto & Sophia)

***Picasso & Kellum join the transport in Chattanooga, TN***

Leg 6 – Filled by Jeanie L!

Chattanooga, TN – Athens, TN
60 miles, 1 hour
10:20am – 11:20am

(Miracle, Pinto, Kellum, Sophia & Picasso)

Leg 7 – Filled by Jeanie L!
Athens, TN – Knoxville, TN
58 miles, 1 hour
11:30am – 12:30pm

(Miracle, Pinto, Kellum, Sophia & Picasso)

Leg 8 – Filled by Bob & Linda H!
Knoxville, TN – Greenville, TN (exit #23)
62 miles, 1 hour

12:40pm – 1:40pm

Driver #1 (Miracle, Picasso, Sophia) – Filled by Bob N!

Drive #2 (Pinto & Kellum) – Filled by Linda H!

Leg 9 – Filled by Anita C & Linda H!
Greenville, TN – Abingdon, VA
65 miles, 1 hour
1:50pm – 2:50pm

Driver #1 (Sophia, Miracle, Picasso) – Filled by Anita C!

Driver #2 (Kellum & Pinto) – Filled by Linda H!

(Miracle, Pinto, Kellum, Sophia & Picasso)

Leg 10 – NEEDED (Driver #2)
Abingdon, VA – Wytheville, VA
55 miles, 1 hour
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Driver #1 (Pinto & Kellum) – Filled by Linda H!

Drive #2 (Sophia, Picasso & Miracle) – NEEDED

***Biscuit joins the transport in Wytheville, VA***
Leg 11 – Filled by Christine & Kimberly!
Wytheville, VA – Roanoke, VA
70 miles, 1 hour 10 minutes
4:10pm – 5:20pm

Driver #1 (Miracle, Biscuit, Picasso, Sophia) – Filled by Kimberly!

Drive #2 (Pinto & Kellum) – Filled by Linda H!

Overnight in Roanoke, VA for Picasso, Miracle & Biscuit filled by Christine L!

Overnight/Boarding in Roanoke, VA for Sophia NEEDED

Overnight/Boarding in Roanoke, VA for Pinto & Kellum NEEDED

Sunday, September 25th

Leg 12 – Filled by Chelsea!

Roanoke, VA – Staunton, VA
85 miles, 1 hour 25 minutes

8:00am – 9:25am

(Miracle, Sophia, Kellum, Pinto, Picasso & Biscuit)

Leg 13A – Filled by Stacey!
Staunton, VA – Zion Crossroads, VA

55 miles, 1 hour

9:40am – 10:40am

(Miracle, Sophia, Kellum, Picasso & Biscuit)

Leg 14A: Filled by Rebecca!

Zion Crossroads, VA- Richmond, VA

53 miles, 55 minutes

10:55am – 11:50am

(Miracle, Sophia, Kellum, Picasso & Biscuit)



Staunton, VA – Strasburg, VA

78 miles, 1 hour 20 minutes

9:40am – 11:00am

(Pinto only)


Strasburg, VA – Frederick, MD

68 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes

11:10am – 12:35pm

(Pinto only)

Leg 15B: Filled by Kate B!

Frederick, MD – Baltimore, MD

50 miles, 60 minutes

12:45pm – 1:45pm

(Pinto only)