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Momma Blue & Crayola Puppies Update & Happy Tails!

October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Crayola Babies!!!


Remember these cuties?

Pearl, Althea, Chestnut & Shadow were all featured in the puppy bowl in 2013!!


It was a lot of fun for all of us!!!


It all started with Blue! She found herself pregnant and in danger of being euthanized in AL. But amazing rescuers came together and got her to a vets office in AL just hours before she gave birth!

Blue and her litter quarantined under an operating table at a vets office in AL.

The vet’s office and AL rescuers were amazing!!!


All ten puppies were healthy and mom and babies traveled to CT to live with our BBR crew there!


Pepper, now known as Ammo was adopted by a BBR foster mom in CT. He’s living with Murphy. Remember Murphy? He had the broken leg from the horse that trampled him? They are best buds and love living on a farm in CT!

photo (23)

Sonic Silver, now Pongo, lives in a wooded area of CT.

He loves his family as much as they love him!


Winter Sky is now Dasea. She is also living in CT and has a great family of her own!


Fuzzy Wuzzy is now Ricco. He’s still pretty fuzzy:) He’s also being spoiled by his CT family!


Indigo, now Leonides was adopted by our rock star CT vet and family. He’s totally being spoiled 🙂


Milky Way, now Harley, also lives in CT with family and his step siblings.

He finally grew into those fuzzy ears!


Sienna, now Althea got the most game time at the puppy bowl. If you watch carefully you will notice that the announcer called her by another dogs name…she was totally all over that field!

She was also adopted by one of our great CT vets and has an awesome family to call her own complete with kids and a step sister.


Shadow was a reserved player on the field and his adoptive family wouldn’t have it any other way. Shadow’s new step sister is Zinnia the mother of Zinnia’s garden! What a super happy ending for both of them!


Chestnut is now known as Cooper. Cooper was adopted by one of the camera men that filmed the puppy bowl!! Talk about love at first sight!! Cooper’s new family flew into CT to pick him up! Wow, what a great trip! Cooper found the time to write about his adventures (see the articles below).  Cooper is loving life 🙂 Cooper’s new family even found the time to do a race to raise money for BBR.

photo (2)photo067

And then there was Pearl. She had a close call with fame. Brian William’s and his daughter Allison considered adopting her.

Pearl was on the cover of the New Yorker, on Rock Center and then NBC news! She is a famous girl!

Pearl’s family has put up a face book page for her so we can all keep up with her.


Pearl is living the life with her CT family 🙂


And Blue, what about Blue????


Blue has found the time to rest and relax and feel safe!


Blue is also living the dream in CT (she even has her own convertible to cruise around in!)

From Blue and the entire BBR crew, we would like to thank all of the people that came together to help, love, and celebrate this amazing family!

Raising her family, going to the puppy bowl, and see them all go off to wonderful families has been wonderful and humbling for me. Thank you all!!!!!!!!! –Pat


Godspeed, little one.

January 13, 2013



What a sad day at Bonnie Blue Rescue.

Our sweet baby Katie crossed over Rainbow Bridge this morning at the emergency vet. Katie had a 6 inch rectal prolapse due to straining from her high worm load. Katie’s death would have been completely preventable if her former owners had bothered to worm her at any point during the last 8 weeks before they dumped her at the shelter to die; unfortunately the deworming, fluids, metronidazole and veterinary treatment as soon as she was rescued this week was too late.

The 6 inches of the rectal prolapse included the colon and sphincter. The ER vet did not think that Katie would have had control over her bowels even if she could have survived the surgery and infection. The vet had never seen a rectal prolapse this bad in a puppy before; her recommendation was to have Katie humanely euthanized.

Our hearts are broken for this little baby, but we are so thankful that she got to spend a few days in a foster home knowing love and being adored.

Please join us in sending good vibes and prayers for her foster family who have very heavy hearts today.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.

Cowboy says, “Thank You!!”

November 14, 2012

Cowboy says “THANK YOU” to his friends who crossposted, shared, donated & who continue to send well-wishes his way.

Thanks to each of you this sweet boy will get to go in for his surgery Thursday as planned! Yippee!

We will keep you posted on how he does through recover – we know Cowboy has a lot of friends cheering him on!

For now, please continue sending well-wishes for a perfect surgery & easy recovery period.

Help Cowboy!

November 11, 2012

Sweet Cowboy needs your help to get his “cowboy swagger” back!

We heard about Cowboy yesterday, he was in a high-kill shelter in rural Alabama and in desperate need of rescue. Cowboy had a knee injury that was causing him discomfort when he wanted to run and play; we could not bear to let that baby sit in a shelter without trying to get him help.

Thanks to one of our amazing AL rescue volunteers, we were able to spring Cowboy from the shelter bright & early yesterday morning and get him to our vet in Birmingham.

Here’s what we found out: Cowboy is 6-9 months old, heartworm negative (thank goodness!), but was loaded with whipworms, hookworms & roundworms. He has been in some discomfort from a previous trauma to his right rear leg that will require surgery.

By the looks of his x-rays this trauma happened when he was a younger puppy, and caused a medial patellar luxation. The type of trauma is unknown but could have been from anything with force (being hit/kicked, falling to the ground, etc). It was forceful enough to knock his knee out of joint to the point it could not go back into place on its own. The tibia then developed deformed (conformational defect) because of the knee displacement and lack of veterinary attention when this injury first occurred.

Thankfully, there is a surgery that can be done to correct Cowboy’s leg – it will allow him to have full range of motion and to return to normal puppyhood activities after a 6 week recovery period!  The surgery Cowboy will have is called Tibial Crest Transposition.

We have scheduled Cowboy’s surgery for Thursday, November 15th – but we need to raise $938 for his surgery by then (plus an additional $110 to cover his first round of x-rays from yesterday).

The quote from Dr. Murphy can be seen here:

Will you join us in sharing Cowboy’s story? In crossposting for help? Or in considering a small donation to offset the cost of Cowboy’s surgery? Every single dollar makes a difference!

As an extra incentive, everyone who donates $25 or more will receive one of our new Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper stickers as a “thank you” for your generous donation!

Donations can be made online via ChipIn by clicking the link here: OR by snail mail – email us at for our mailing address!

Thank you, thank you for your continued support of Bonnie Blue Rescue!

Momma Maia & The Greek Pups — SPONSORS NEEDED!

September 24, 2012

Update: Only two partial sponsorships ($25 each) left for Zeus!

When we last saw Momma Maia (f/k/a Duchess) & her puppies they looked like this:

Now these sweet little pups are 4 weeks old.

The babies are busy little bees and look more like this:

What a difference two weeks makes!

We feel so thankful that we were able to work together with the awesome shelter director to get this sweet family out of the shelter and into a short-term foster home! Babies should never grow up in shelters!

Thanks to the generosity of two amazing short-term foster mommas these cuties are SAFE

& this darling family will be moving north to rescue in just a few short weeks!

As many of you know, we try to give each new litter a theme. One of our awesome BBR supporters dubbed this sweet momma, Maia (pronounced Maya), after the Maia in Greek Mythology who was Hermes’ mother. With this in mind – this cute litter will be “The Greek Pups” named after Greek gods & goddesses.

Puppy sponsors needed!

To help our rescue offset some of the costs associated with the vetting and care for a litter of cuties (& we have three litters in rescue right now – oh my!), we are looking for puppy sponsors! There are two different sponsorship options available.

Full Sponsorship: Full sponsorship is $100 per pup. Sponsors will get to name their pup from the Greek gods/goddesses list (we’ll email it to you!), will receive a minimum of three updates while their sponsor pup is in foster care, and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted & a Bonnie Blue Rescue bumper sticker!

Partial Sponsorship: Partial sponsorship is $25 per pup. These sponsors will receive one update while their sponsor pup is in foster care and will receive a happily-ever-after photo and update once their sponsor pup is adopted!

**Please note that there is the option for 1 full sponsor OR 4 partial sponsors for each pup!**

If you are interested in sponsoring of these pups, please email us at and indicate your preferred sponsorship level. We will update this blog post as individual pups are sponsored {& named}.

***Momma Maia & the Greek Puppies***

Momma Maia — Sponsored by The Berkenstock Family!

*     *     *

Apollo (f/k/a male #1) – Sponsored by Lauren!

*     *     *

Hermes (f/k/a male #2) – Sponsored by the Dillard Family!

*      *     *

Hyperion (f/k/a male #3) – Sponsored by Barbara!

*this little cutie pie is blind*

*     *     *

Eros (f/k/a male #4)- Sponsored by Chris K!

*     *     *

Zeus (f/k/a male #5) – Sponsored by Stacey & Jim

**2 partial sponsorships still available**

*     *     *

Rhea (f/k/a female #1) – Sponsored by Sheri!

*     *     *

Thank you, thank you for your continued support of our rescue efforts.

Simply put, rescue would not be possible without our amazing volunteers, sponsors, supporters & friends.


September 21, 2012

**Happy Update: Snoops has a retirement home lined up in MD & will be moving there next weekend. HUGE THANK YOU’S to each of you who shared his story. He is going to get to live out the rest of his days totally loved & totally adored. Thanks for helping make that possible! **

This is Snoops.

He is an ~15-year old Shih-tzu boy who was dumped by his owners at a super high-kill shelter in Georgia.

Reason for dropping him off? “He’s old”.


Snoops is actually in great health for a 15-year old pup.

He is happy and sweet. Snoops is a super easy keeper. He loves to snuggle, nap, and eat!

Snoops is looking for a Bonnie Blue Rescue Retirement Home!

What does it mean to be a BBR retirement home? What’s involved? We are just looking for a family with a ton of love to give. A family who realizes that this super sweet senior boy still has so much love and goodness to share. You share the love; we pick up his medical bills. Yup! Bonnie Blue Rescue will cover Snoops’ medical bills for the remainder of his life if he is in a BBR Retirement Home. We realize that a 15-year old Shih-tzu boy probably isn’t the most adoptable … but we also know that he does not deserve to die in a shelter.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to open their hearts and homes to our old man?

Email us at

Foster Bailed! Desperate for 4-5 week foster for nursing ‘houla mom & 6 puppies!

September 18, 2012


The foster who was lined up for this tiny ‘houla family has just bailed. :/
These little darlings & their momma, Maia (formerly Duchess) have been in a short-term foster for the last week and a half, but HAVE to move by this weekend.
They are currently in Brewton, AL – so Mobile, Greeneville, Birmingham, Gadsden, AL areas would all be doable!
The pups are now 2.5 weeks old are are totally adorable. There are 6 puppies total, and their gorgeous momma, Maia.
Our rescue is committed to this sweet family. Bonnie Blue Rescue will cover all vetting expenses and will provide food, dewormer, collars, leashes, crates (as needed), toys, chewies, etc.
All we need is a place for this tiny family to call home for the next 4-5 weeks until it is safe enough for them to travel north to rescue.
Please email us ASAP at if you can assist!

Riggs needs help!

September 17, 2012

Sweet Riggs is an extra special St. Bernard boy who found himself at a high-kill shelter in rural Alabama.

As soon as Bonnie Blue Rescue heard about his story and saw his heartbreaking photos, we knew we had to try and help him.

Riggs’ back leg was broken when he was just a puppy but he never received veterinary care.

A break that could have been set/repaired was totally ignored by his owners.

Undoubtedly this sweet boy’s pain was ignored, too.

That fact alone just makes me sick to my stomach.

Despite his constant state of hurting, Riggs is still a happy, happy, lovely boy!

Riggs is now 2-3 years old and his back leg is totally worthless.

There is complete atrophy of the muscles and total non-use of his leg.

Riggs actually lifts up his leg when he walks or tries to run but the leg snags on the ground and hurts him.

It is heartbreaking to watch him try to walk as his leg literally bounces up and down off of the ground.

Even more heartbreaking is watching Riggs sit.

Because of the way his leg has ‘healed’ incorrectly, his leg is literally twisted around backwards when he sits.

Poor baby boy!

Riggs is also extremely underweight. He is currently 95 lbs but should be closer to 140-160.

This sweet, sweet boy has a long way to go, but we will make sure that he has everything he needs to get back to 100% soon.

Riggs was neutered and has just moved to our vet clinic in Birmingham, AL. He has a true ortho consult tomorrow but his vet who saw him today felt certain that nothing could be done to save Riggs’ leg.

The reality is that Riggs has been operating on three legs for much of the past two years so he will probably do very well with an amputation-type surgery if there is nothing that can be done to save his leg.

We are still waiting for the official surgery quote from Dr. Murphy, but based on past surgeries at this clinic and Riggs’ “plus size” charge for anesthesia we are estimating his surgery to be close to $1000. This amount will be updated tomorrow as soon as the official estimate is received. A copy of the estimate will be available online to anyone who would like to see it.

Would you be willing to chip in a dollar or two to help fund sweet Riggs’ surgery?

Our rescue is completely dependent on donations to continue to save special needs pups like Riggs & so many others. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and will go directly to Riggs’ surgery and aftercare.

Donations can be made online via Chipin here:

OR may be called in directly to Vestavia Animal Clinic at 205.823.7485

(under the account of Natalie Reeves/Bonnie Blue Rescue).

Thank you in advance for helping us help sweet Riggs get a new lease on life!


August 12, 2012


Roy is back in his foster home safe & sound!


Foster Families Needed!

August 7, 2012


It’s that time again! We need foster family help! We are in need of foster families starting THIS weekend (August 11/12) for Franklin & Grover! We are also in need of foster families starting over the NEXT 2 WEEKENDS (August 18/19 & 24/25) for the lab/basset mix pups & Benita. We have some amazing pups that need to be moved out of the south, but we are going to have to move them into boarding situations if we cannot find short term fosters for them. Eeek!
Even a two week foster commitment would be a huge help to us to allow us to keep these cuties out of boarding and secure longer-term foster families for them. Bonnie Blue Rescue can provide crates, toys, chewies, collar, leash, ID tag and will cover all medical needs for these cuties. We just ask that you provide food and love (& we’re even willing to cover the food, if needed!).
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here:
*     *     *
More info on our sweeties needing foster homes (& photos of each below):
Grover (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is a totally adorable red/chocolate catahoula mix boy. He is 3 months old. Grover and his littermates were rescued from a high-kill shelter in rural Louisiana just in the nick of time. Sadly, Grover ad his littermates all got parvo but after some 24/7 vet care this sweet baby boy is back to 100%. He is totally healthy now and is just a normal catahoula mix puppy – happy, spunky, and sweet as can be. Grover is doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with the other dogs in his foster home and with his foster kitty siblings, too! Grover has a foster family lined up – thank you Kimberli & Stacia!
*     *     *
Franklin (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER) is Grover’s brother! He is a blue merle catahoula leopard mix boy who is just as spunky, sweet, and social as sweet Grover is. Franklin is also doing very well with housebreaking and cratetraining. He is awesome with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and horses, too! Franklin is such an amazing boy with a big heart. Franklin has a foster lined up  – thank you Devon!
*     *     *
Nestle (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is an 11 week old Lab/Bassett Hound mix boy who is all love and snuggles. Nestle and his littermates have been living in an outdoor kennel in Alabama and they are ready to find foster families so they can learn all about cratetraining, housebreaking, and being indoor pups! Nestle loves snuggles, pets, and just to be loved on. He is going to make an exceptional forever pup for someone! Nestle needs a foster family starting 8.18.12.
*     *     *
Skittles (ADOPTED) is the cutest little lab/bassett (& maybe catahoula leopard dog) mix girl. She is 11 weeks old and has amazing coloring — much like that of a sable merle catahoula. So cool! Skittles loves people and runs right up to greet her new friends. She is very playful with her littermates and loves to eat! Skittles has a FOREVER FAMILY lined up! Yay! Congrats, Rachel!
*     *     *
Peppermint (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a darling lab/bassett mix girl. Peppermint is 11 weeks old and all love and kisses. She is very sweet and is eager to please. Peppermint loves people and adores being snuggled and held! Peppermint needs a foster starting 8.18.12.
*      *     *
Cinnamon (ADOPTED) is a sweet little lab/basset hound mix girl who is 11 weeks old. She is all snuggles & love and loves to give kisses to her new human friends. Cinnamon has a forever family liked up – congrats Mike!
*     *     *
Benita (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is a adorable shaggy little mix breed girl. She is 2 years old and 20 lbs – the vet thinks that she is a shih-tzu/terrier mix! Benita already knows some basic obedience like “sit” and “come”. She is well-mannered and is an all around gentle girl. Benita would be great in a home with kids! Benita needs a foster home starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
Snickers (HAS FOSTER/NEEDS ADOPTER!) is a male lab/bassett/catahoula mix boy  who is 11 weeks old. Snickers is soooooo sweet. Snickers is excited to make it to foster care and to become an indoor pup. He is also ready to find a family of his own to spoil him to pieces! Snickers has a foster home lined up – thanks Elise! Snickers still needs an adoptive home!
*      *      *
Pixie (ADOPTED) is a gorgeous black and tan lab/bassett mix girl who is currently 11 weeks old. She and her littermates are currently living in outdoor runs and are very excited to make their way to rescue and learn all about being indoor dogs. Someone mentioned A/C to Pixie & she was VERY excited about this A/C stuff she hears so much about!  Pixie has a forever home lined up – Congrats Kathleen!
*      *     *
Hercules (NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER) is another lab/basset mix puppy and is the biggest boy in his litter. He’s still walking on short legs … but he has a large body. So if you are looking for a lazy, mellow, chubby guy – look no further! Hercules has a gorgeous brindle trim on part of his body. Hercules is in need of a foster family (or forever family) starting 8.24.12.
*     *     *
To sign up to foster, please fill out our foster application here: