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Barnaby Jones

February 1, 2013
Meet the coolest pup on petfinder!

Barnaby front

We can’t say enough good things about this Barnaby Jones…he has an amazing personality and is just the cutest thing!  His foster mom describes him as “perfect”.

Barnaby cuddle

Barnaby came in to a high kill pround in Louisiana as a stray.  No owner came forward to claim him but his charm secured him a cherished spot in the adoptable section for a few weeks.  This quiet and easy going guy kept being overlooked at the shelter because of his size (not big but not small) and coloring (dark).  Sadly his time ran out at the pound but Barnaby was saved thanks to a great relationship between PAWS of NE LA (a local group who helps dogs at their area pound) and Bonnie Blue Rescue.

Barnaby new

Unfortunately, Barnaby Jones has also been being overlooked in rescue and has been in foster care for for almost a year without finding his perfect forever family.  😦  We just can’t understand why and would love to see B in a home for Valentine’s Day!
Barnaby kiddo
Barnaby is approximately 2.5 years old and 30#.  He has the size of a Basset but the coloring and haircoat of an Airedale….we don’t know for sure what his mix is but we know he is wonderful!

Barnaby above

Barnaby is neutered, heartworm negative and on prevention, current on vaccinations and ready to go to his forever home today!  He is fostered with kids and other dogs and loves the attention of both.  Here is a video of the happy fella the day he was bailed out of the the pound –
Email us today at to learn more about adopting sweet Barnaby Jones!

Panda Pup

January 31, 2013

Panda pup says hi!

This cutie has looks and personality…all he needs now is a loving forever home!!

Panda sit

Panda was brought into a high kill pound in Louisiana as a stray.  No owners came to claim him and his time soon ran out at the busy shelter.  Thankfully a LA group that works with Bonnie Blue Rescue was able to rescue Panda and he is now safe and thriving in foster care.

Panda sit2

Panda is approximately 1 year old and fully grown at 40#.
We think he is a border collie mix – he is uber smart and willing to please.
Panda silly
Panda is nervous of some men at first but warms up to them if they go slow with introductions and let him know they are one of the good guys.
We don’t think little Panda was treated very kindly in his past but his foster mom is working extra hard to show him that his future brings good things!

Panda foster

Panda is good with kids, cats and other dogs.
He is a medium energy dog and loves going for walks.  He also enjoys cars rides and cuddling!
Panda dog bed
Panda is quickly learning about potty training and is doing well.  We expect a bright future for handsome Panda and would love for him to start 2013 off with his forever family…he certainly deserves it!
For more information on ADOPTING Panda, please email us at


January 31, 2013
Meet miss Noel!
photo 2
This pretty, young Lab girl was brought into a Louisiana shelter as a stray.  After no owner claimed her during her 7 day stray hold she found herself on the euthanasia list for no reason other than being Black Lab in a shelter with an abundance of Labs.  😦

72Red Noel OPAS

Lucky for Noel, she was rescued by a Louisiana group that partners with Bonnie Blue Rescue to find amazing northern homes for their special LA pups.

photo 5

Noel is a star in foster care and her foster mom reports that she gets along so well with the family’s other lab. They cuddle and lick each other and play! Noel is such a little sweetheart.

photo 4

Noel is good with adults, kids and other dogs.  She has not been tested with cats (but we can arrange that, if needed!).  Noel is learning her manners and is doing well with potty training, crate training and walking on leash.
Noel is approximately 11 months old and 44#.

photo 3

She is spayed, microchipped, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative and current on prevention.  Noel would love nothing more than to be in a loving, forever home by Valentine’s Day!
photo 1

If you are interested in ADOPTING Noel, please email us at for more information!

Meet Miss Carbon!

January 30, 2013

Say hello to the adorable (and famous) Carbon!

Carbon & her sister Cinder were dumped at a high kill shelter in Louisiana and scheduled for euthanasia after being there less than 24hrs due to overcrowding. Thankfully, Carbon (& Cinder) caught the eye of the PAWS Rescue Coordinator and were some of the luck one’s that day. Carbon is now thriving in foster care.

Carbon is a happy, healthy, well adjusted little Lab mix!!  Thanks to a great partnership between PAWS of NE LA and Bonnie Blue Rescue, Carbon is now looking for a loving forever home.


We have no idea what kind of mix Carbon is but we think Labrador for sure.  She is a petite pup though so may not grow to full Lab size…we expect her to mature to be a medium sized dog at least.


She has a glossy black coat and beautiful brown eyes.  Carbon is approximately 10 weeks old as of January 30th and will be ready to transport home in late February.


Until then her Louisiana foster mom will keep working with her on socialization, potty training, crate training and basic puppy manners.  Carbon already knows how to sit and is doing very well with leash training, especially for such a young girl!

While she is eager to please and is doing well with all the training so far, Carbon is a puppy and will have a long way to go so please keep that under consideration.  This sweetie needs and deserves a home that will help her grow up to be the best dog she can be!


Carbon is fostered with kids, cats and other dogs and is comfortable in a busy household.  This special pup is also a TV star and got to go on a local LA morning show with her foster mom to talk about an upcoming Mardi Gras Pet Parade.

Carbon MG

Here is a video of Carbon’s TV debut…

Godspeed, little one.

January 13, 2013



What a sad day at Bonnie Blue Rescue.

Our sweet baby Katie crossed over Rainbow Bridge this morning at the emergency vet. Katie had a 6 inch rectal prolapse due to straining from her high worm load. Katie’s death would have been completely preventable if her former owners had bothered to worm her at any point during the last 8 weeks before they dumped her at the shelter to die; unfortunately the deworming, fluids, metronidazole and veterinary treatment as soon as she was rescued this week was too late.

The 6 inches of the rectal prolapse included the colon and sphincter. The ER vet did not think that Katie would have had control over her bowels even if she could have survived the surgery and infection. The vet had never seen a rectal prolapse this bad in a puppy before; her recommendation was to have Katie humanely euthanized.

Our hearts are broken for this little baby, but we are so thankful that she got to spend a few days in a foster home knowing love and being adored.

Please join us in sending good vibes and prayers for her foster family who have very heavy hearts today.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.

Foster Homes Needed!

October 4, 2012


These sweeties are heading north to rescue next weekend & need foster families!

Please email us at if you are interested in fostering {or adopting} one of these sweeties!

What does fostering entail? Fostering means that you bring a rescued pup into your home and love them like your own until their forever families come along. Most fosters are short-term foster commitments (typically 4 weeks or less).

What is provided? Bonnie Blue Rescue provides crate, toys, chewies, collar, leash, harness, ID, tag, and covers all pre-approved medical bills/vetting, heartworm and flea/tick preventative. We just ask that our fosters provide food & love {and if needed, we can even cover the food!}

Where do I have to live to foster? Anywhere! We currently have fosters in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Washington, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut & Maine!

*     *     *

Pups needing fosters:

Peppermint, 9-12 months old, Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, weight TBD

Foster home found – thank you Maggie!

*     *     *

Kourtney, 1 year old, Catahoula Leopard Dog/Terrier mix, 25 lbs

FOSTER HOME NEEDED starting 10/14

*     *     *

Khloe, 1 year old, Catahoula Leopard Dog/Terrier mix, 25 lbs

Foster home found – thank you Ellen!

*     *     *

Kim, 1 year old, Catahoula Leopard Dog/Terrier mix, 25 lbs

FOSTER HOME NEEDED starting 10/14

*     *     *

Chester, 10-12 months old, Golden Retriever/Basset Hound mix, 43 lbs (& 16″ tall)

FOSTER HOME NEEDED starting 10/14

*     *     *

Chico – 6 months old, 10 lbs, Pug/Chihuahua mix

Foster found – thank you Christine C!

Darling Bluebelle

July 23, 2012

Meet Miss Bluebelle!

Bluebelle is a gorgeous 1 year old German Shepherd mix girl who is ready to find her forever family.

Bluebelle is one lucky girl — the high-kill shelter she was in kept her on their adoption floor for almost a month. Often dogs are euthanized there the same day they come in which tells us that Bluebelle must have been a staff favorite! We can see why — not only is she absolutely gorgeous but she has an amazing personality to boot!

Bluebelle is still pretty underweight, but is steadily gaining weight in her foster home. She loves being out of the shelter and surrounded by people who love her.

It’s obvious that Bluebelle just cannot get enough love – sweet girl!

Bluebelle is great with the kids in her foster home and also does well with other dogs.

Because she went so long without regular meals, there is a concern that Bluebelle might be a little concerned about sharing her food with other canine family members. This is something that we would need for her forever family to be mindful of this and committed to helping Bluebelle continue to get past her food issues. We are hopeful that with a lot of love, positive reinforcement and the understanding that she will never go hungry again that Bluebelle’s minor food  issues with other dogs will continue improving.

Bluebelle is cratetrained, housebroken, and full of love to share.

She LOVES splashing in the water, going for walks with her foster family, and giving kisses!

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous girl, email us at for more info!

Sick Fritz

May 28, 2012

Fritz update: After 15 ish hours at the ER vet, Fritz is still feeling “dumpy” (the word our awesome vet Dr. Turner used to describe him). They have started a more aggressive form of antibiotic treatment, anti-nausea meds, anti-diarrheal meds and IV fluids and he is definitely much brighter today than last night. Fritz had a set of x-rays done today just to rule out any intestinal blockage or other issues — x-rays came back great, thank goodness. After another round of diarrhea, Dr. Turner opted to run another parvo snap test on Fritz. This one came back positive. SHIT! Fritz received 3 DHPP vaccines prior to transport and was quarantined for 4-5 weeks before transport — there is no way that he should have picked up parvovirus at this point. Yet, he’s tested positive.

After a long chat with the vet, we are both concerned that what we may be seeing is a new version of the parvovirus. That’s super scary. Fritz will definitely be spending at least one more night at the ER vet and then transferring back to our regular vet tomorrow once they reopen, assuming he is stable. We have updated Fritz’s ChipIn to reflect what we anticipate our new estimate to be. Any donation, no matter how small, would be a wonderful help to our rescue. Our ship is sinking with all of these sick pups. 😦

Updated ChipIn here:

*     *     *

Fritz is one of the Fuzzbutt puppies who came to rescue from Louisiana. He has been loving his time in foster care in CT, meeting lots of fun people and pups to play with. A couple of days ago, Fritz started feeling a little puny but after dewormer, metronidazole and a gentler food he perked right up!

Unfortunately, Fritz felt pretty sick again on Friday, so we got him into the vet for a general check up just to make sure that everything was a-okay. Subq fluids and metronidazole worked wonders and he was back to 100% normal on Saturday.

On Sunday, Fritz just wasn’t feeling like himself again. By Sunday evening he started feeling really puny again. Fritz’s foster mom definitely felt like a trip to the ER vet was in order. We’re so glad that he was able to get in this evening as he was starting to get dehydrated and is definitely lethargic. We have a very sick puppy on our hands, but we are so hopeful that this sweet guy will feel better soon.

Thankfully we have already ruled out parvo & distemper — we think he may just have a virus or viral infection that he cannot kick without a little help.

Our estimate for Fritz’s overnight care tonight alone is $1300 (low end estimate)-$1600 (high end estimate).

The other several thousand of dollars in emergency vet bills that we have received this week has put Bonnie Blue in a very tough spot financially.  We have nothing left in our Bonnie Blue Rescue Emergency Fund or in general funds to pay Fritz’s bill. To be honest, we don’t know what to do except beg and plead for help. We are stretched beyond belief with this many sick pups — but Fritz is just as deserving as all of the other pups — he deserves a chance to receive the best vet care possible & to get well.

As much as we hate to continue asking for help, we also realize that we cannot handle this many emergencies in one week on our own.

We are begging our rescue friends, facebook friends, past adopters, fosters, and followers to consider even a small donation to help offset the cost of Fritz’s emergency vet visit tonight.

How to donate: Donations can be called in directly to the Shoreline Emergency Vet Clinic (open 24/7) at: 203.929.8600 (account under Bonnie Blue Rescue) or can be made online via ChipIn at:

Check this out:  Fritz’s estimate from the ER vet

Lone Fuzzbutt Standing

May 22, 2012

Fritz is the lone fuzzbutt who is still looking for his forever family.

We just can’t believe that this amazing, gorgeous, sweet young dude hasn’t been scooped up yet!

Fritz is a 13-week old “fuzzbutt” mix.

His momma is a lab mix & his daddy is a giant question mark!

Our best guess is shepherd mix, based on the coloring of his littermates.

This little dude is happy & social. He is totally ready to find his forever family.

If you would like to adopt Fritz, please email us at for a copy of our adoption application.

Fritz is currently being fostered in Derby, CT, but transport can be arranged anywhere in the continental US.

What a weekend!

May 20, 2012

It’s official — we absolutely have the best volunteers on the planet!

78 of them (& counting), in fact.

Yup, you read that right.

SEVENTY-EIGHT incredible volunteers to helped move Bonnie Blue Rescue pups safely to their forever and/or foster families this weekend.

With the help of these amazing transporters, volunteers, foster parents, overnighters, and sending rescuers, a grand total of TWENTY-TWO Bonnie Blue Rescue pups hit the road this weekend!


Cricket, Wall-E, Eva, Jake,

Sophie, Fig, Flash, Fergie

Friar Tuck, Fonzi, Felix,

AND Macie, Cajun, Christopher, Rose & Tilly all met their forever families this weekend.

Does it get better than that? We think not!

And sweet Fritz, Cecelia, Collins, Chloe, Zoe & Gracie all made it safely to Bonnie Blue Rescue foster families.

We hope their forever families will find them soon!

For everyone who drove, fostered, overnighted, crossposted, sent good vibes and prayers for this transport — thank you! We appreciate you more than you could possibly know.

To those interested in learning about how to be a transport driver contact us at — we’d love to tell you all about how our transport process works & we are always looking for new volunteers.